Kovac and Liska Series by Tami Hoag

3.98 · 82 ratings
  • Ashes to Ashes (Kovac and Liska #1)

    Ashes to Ashes (Kovac and Liska #1)

    Tami Hoag

    Rated: 4.00 of 5 stars
    · Steam rating: 3 of 5
    · 34 ratings · published 2000

    He performs his profane ceremony in a wooded Minneapolis park, anointing his victims, then setting the bodies ablaze. He has already claimed three lives, and he won’t stop there. Only this time there is a witness. But she isn’t talking. Enter Kate Conlan, former FBI agent turned victim/witness advocate. Not even she can tell if the reluctant witness is a potential victim or something more troubling still... more

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  • Dust to Dust (Kovac and Liska #2)

    Dust to Dust (Kovac and Liska #2)

    Tami Hoag

    Rated: 3.89 of 5 stars
    · 22 ratings · published 2013

    The death of internal affairs investigator Andy Paxton is a potential political bomb for the Minneapolis Police Department... Andy Paxton was gay and he was investigating a possible cop connection in the brutal murder of another gay officer. But Andy's death looks like suicide, or an unfortunate and embarrassing accident, and the pressure is on from the top brass to close the case as soon as possible... more

  • Prior Bad Acts (Kovac and Liska #3)

    Prior Bad Acts (Kovac and Liska #3)

    Tami Hoag

    Rated: 4.02 of 5 stars
    · 26 ratings · published 2007

    New York Times bestselling author Tami Hoag returns with a thriller that begins with a shocking crime scene you’ll never forget and follows two relentless detectives on a manhunt that ends in a chilling confrontation with the essence of human evil. It was a crime so brutal, it changed the lives of even the most hardened homicide cops. The Haas family murders left a scar on the community nothing can erase, but everyone agrees that convicting the killer, Karl Dahl, is a start... more

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