Forever Inked Series by Nicole Reed

4.17 · 28 ratings
  • Beautiful Ink (Forever Inked #1)

    Beautiful Ink (Forever Inked #1)

    Nicole Reed

    · 18 ratings · published 2014

    Family. I have tattooed that single word on more skin than I care to count. It elicits powerful thoughts and emotions for most people. Loving. Caring. Supportive. Togetherness. Forever. But not for me. The word family means so much more. Vicious. Harmful. Dangerous. Corrupt. Deadly. You can’t run forever from the ones who love you. Note: This novel is not a cliffhanger and can be read as a standalone... more

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  • Hell's Ink (Forever Inked #2)

    Hell's Ink (Forever Inked #2)

    Nicole Reed

    · 10 ratings · published 2015

    WARNING: This book is not suitable for children under the age of seventeen due to language, sexual content, and intense subject matter. In this Brotherhood you live or die by the three-piece patch. For Hold Dawson, Vice-President of the Hells Highwaymen Motorcycle Club, it’s not just black ink tattooed on his body, but the religion he worships, and the law that governs his life. Nothing else matters. Family by choice and not by blood. More sacred than a shared name. Bound by respect... more

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