Lessons in Love Series by Suzanne Enoch

3.89 · 93 ratings
  • The Rake (Lessons in Love #1)

    The Rake (Lessons in Love #1)

    Suzanne Enoch

    · 28 ratings · published 2014

    Three determined young ladies vow to give three of London's worst rakes their comeuppance ― but when these rogues turn the tables, who truly learns a lesson in love? Once upon a time, the notorious Viscount Dare charmed Lady Georgiana Halley out of her innocence ― to win a wager, no less! ― and now he must pay dearly. The plan is simple: She will use every seductive wile she knows to win Dare's heart...and then break it... more

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  • London's Perfect Scoundrel (Lessons in Love #2)

    London's Perfect Scoundrel (Lessons in Love #2)

    Suzanne Enoch

    · 36 ratings · published 2003

    A determined young lady vows to give one of London's infamous rakes his comeuppance -- but when the rogue turns the tables, who truly learns a lesson in love? The ton gossips call him "Saint" -- but the Marquis of St. Aubyn has well earned his reputation as London's perfect scoundrel. Evelyn Ruddick knows she should avoid him at all costs--but the strikingly beautiful lady wants to aid the children of the Heart of Hope Orphanage, and he heads the board of trustees... more

  • England's Perfect Hero (Lessons in Love #3)

    England's Perfect Hero (Lessons in Love #3)

    Suzanne Enoch

    · 34 ratings · published 2004

    Lucinda Barrett's best friends ended up married to the men to whom they delivered their "lessons in love." So Lucinda decides to choose someone who definitely needs lessons, but someone who will not complicate her life. And that person is definitely not Robert Carroway. Robert is nothing if not complicated, and though he is the brother of a viscount, he rarely goes about society, and finds the weather and hat fashions ludicrous subjects for discussion... more

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