Blood Destiny Series by Connie Suttle

4.12 · 118 ratings
  • Blood Wager (Blood Destiny #1)

    Blood Wager (Blood Destiny #1)

    Connie Suttle

    · 16 ratings · published 2012

    "I agree to pay Sergio Velenci one million pounds if the female takes less than nine days to fully turn." Lissa's life as a vampire begins on the day her husband is removed from life support. Turned by rogues who wager her life, Lissa is running from her maker who is determined to kill her, hunted by the Council who has branded her a rogue and blackmailed by werewolves, who utilize her newly-developed talents for their own gain.

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  • Blood Sense (Blood Destiny #3)

    Blood Sense (Blood Destiny #3)

    Connie Suttle

    · 14 ratings · published 2014

    Saxom is dead. The vampires know this. Anthony Hancock, Director of the Joint NSA/Homeland Security Department knows it as well. Tony and the vampires are now on the hunt for Saxom's brood, all of whom are determined to avenge their sire's death. Neither Tony nor the vampires are aware of the other's efforts to search out these rogues, who may number in the hundreds at the very least... more

  • Blood Domination (Blood Destiny #4)

    Blood Domination (Blood Destiny #4)

    Connie Suttle

    · 14 ratings · published 2011

    "To whom are you taking her?" Merrill asked, uncharacteristically curious. "Dragon," Griffin grinned. I stared at Griffin, my mouth surely open in surprise. Dragon? There was somebody named Dragon? That didn't sound promising. Who named their kid Dragon? Xenides has witnessed Lissa's talents first-hand and now he is desperate to find her. After all, under his compulsion, Lissa can topple governments and bring any race to its knees. Wlodek understands Xenides' motives all too well... more

  • Blood Royal (Blood Destiny #5)

    Blood Royal (Blood Destiny #5)

    Connie Suttle

    · 14 ratings · published 2011

    "Rene', what will you do if I kick his ass?" I jerked my head toward Tony. "Nothing, as long as you do not inflict permanent harm," Rene' smiled slightly. I got up to go after Tony, but Wlodek hauled me back. "We will not allow a brawl between our two youngest," he declared and settled me back in my seat. "Now, Anthony, where may we find your father and does he have other children?" Xenides is searching for Lissa and out for blood... more

  • Blood Queen (Blood Destiny #6)

    Blood Queen (Blood Destiny #6)

    Connie Suttle

    · 14 ratings · published 2011

    "Thousands of Copper Ra'Ak fought throughout Veshtul, killing many as they lashed out, or crushing others as they crawled along. Screaming Comesuli ran before them, desperate to escape the deadly creatures. In the distance, Dragon's roar sounded as he fought off one of the monsters. Three other Dragons fought beside him; I saw them as they charged their prey—a Black Dragon, a Silver Dragon and a Gold Dragon... more

  • Blood Rebellion (Blood Destiny #7)

    Blood Rebellion (Blood Destiny #7)

    Connie Suttle

    · 12 ratings · published 2012

    "I believe you have visitors," Giff said, setting the coronet on its velvet stand. "I know." I rubbed my forehead where the pale line showed from wearing the gold band. "People waiting on me and I have hat lines." Lissa expected her life as Queen of Le-Ath Veronis to run smoothly. At least for a little while. Reality has a way of intruding on even the most idyllic of circumstances... more

  • Blood War (Blood Destiny #8)

    Blood War (Blood Destiny #8)

    Connie Suttle

    · 12 ratings · published 2013

    "Tsk, tsk," Erland muttered, shaking his head in mock sympathy. "Perhaps Lissa should raise the topic of Diplomatic Immunity at the Conclave." "That, my friend, would be inadvisable. She is new and many will be waiting, as vultures do when an ox is dying." "I know. At times, I feel the need to cover myself in oil, just to slip through the tripe and garbage of Wylend's court. Lissa will have to contend with five hundred times that when she goes to Conclave... more

  • Blood Redemption (Blood Destiny #9)

    Blood Redemption (Blood Destiny #9)

    Connie Suttle

    · 12 ratings · published 2012

    "Radomir handled the meeting, because Gavin wanted to kill Norian Keef. Norian sat inside Gavin's office at the palace, nervously tapping a foot. That in itself irritated Gavin to the point of red-eyed, lengthy-fanged murder. Radomir worked to calm Norian while Gavin looked on, mentally considering the many, painful ways Norian might meet his end... more

  • Blood Reunion (Blood Destiny #10)

    Blood Reunion (Blood Destiny #10)

    Connie Suttle

    · 10 ratings · published 2012

    "My love, the child almost died." Lissa looked up at Roff's words. His wings rustled after he spoke--he normally didn't involve himself in the politics of Le-Ath Veronis. Not to this extent, anyway. "I know, honey. And now two other children are likely to die as a result. Yes, I know they did this, but I'm not convinced we have all the ones involved in the crime." Toff's life is in danger--someone from the Green Fae village wants him dead... more

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