Spy vs. Spook Series by Tinnean

4.08 · 42 ratings
  • The Start of a Beautiful Friendship (Spy vs. Spook #0.5)

    The Start of a Beautiful Friendship (Spy vs. Spook #0.5)


    · 4 ratings · published 2013

    A Spy vs. Spook Novella Prequel to Houseboat on the Nile It’s 1996, and Mark Vincent, senior special agent of the Washington Bureau of Intelligence and Security, has been assigned the task of assassinating the head of a terrorist organization in Europe. When the mission goes south and he’s ordered to take a vacation, he reluctantly goes to Paris, where, in a little bar called Le Petit Homme, he sees a man who intrigues him... more

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  • Houseboat on the Nile (Spy vs. Spook #1)

    Houseboat on the Nile (Spy vs. Spook #1)


    · 12 ratings · published 2012

    Mark Vincent is WBIS—Washington Bureau of Intelligence and Security. Quinton Mann is staunchly CIA. Mark thinks the CIA is full of dilettantes who leave him and the rest of the WBIS to clean up their messes. Quinn thinks most WBIS agents are sociopathic loose cannons. So they don’t exactly get along. Of course, just because they don’t like each other doesn’t mean they can’t play mind games on each other. Or sleep together... more

  • Not My Spook! (Spy vs. Spook #2)

    Not My Spook! (Spy vs. Spook #2)


    · 12 ratings · published 2012

    Highly ranked CIA officer Quinton Mann finds himself in a relationship with Mark Vincent-for exactly five days. At that point, Mark uses the excuse of going to Massachusetts for his mother's funeral to end it. But Quinn's a spook, and you can't fake a faker. Mark fears he's getting in too deep with Quinn, hence the disappearing act. Then Quinn does something unexpected, something nobody has ever done before: he comes after Mark. Maybe being in a relationship with Quinn isn't such a bad idea... more

  • Forever (Spy vs. Spook #3)

    Forever (Spy vs. Spook #3)


    · 10 ratings · published 2012

    Lately, life is both sweet and sour for intelligence operatives Mark Vincent and Quinton Mann. The sweet is they’re settling into a relationship; Mark has found a condo in Alexandria with the help of Quinn’s mother, Portia; and Mark and Quinn are looking forward to spending the holidays in the Caribbean. As for the sour, something shadier than usual is going on at Langley. Useless missions and sleepless nights are leaving Quinn exhausted, and then Portia’s life is threatened... more

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