Vegas Series by Fern Michaels

4.19 · 36 ratings
  • Vegas Rich (Vegas #1)

    Vegas Rich (Vegas #1)

    Fern Michaels

    · 12 ratings · published 2001

    With a heart full of dreams, Sallie Coleman leaves Texas and heads west determined to get as far from the squalor of her dirt poor beginnings. With its shifting sands, smoky saloons and bingo palaces, Las Vegas seems like a paradise. A paradise where an extraordinary twist of fate makes Sallie the most powerful businesswoman in Nevada. Suddenly she is rich. With the help of Philip Thornton, the handsome Bostonian, Sallie is transformed into Vegas's most elegant first lady... more

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  • Vegas Heat (Vegas #2)

    Vegas Heat (Vegas #2)

    Fern Michaels

    · 12 ratings · published 1997

    Fern Michaels continues her magnificent new trilogy about the Coleman and the Thornton dynasties that she began in Vegas Rich. This is the story of the Thornton clan, more specifically Fanny Thornton, who takes over Babylon, the family's magnificent Las Vegas casino, when her ex-husband, Ash, falls desperately ill... more

  • Vegas Sunrise (Vegas #3)

    Vegas Sunrise (Vegas #3)

    Fern Michaels

    · 12 ratings · published 2011

    Fanny Thornton Reed, proud matriarch of the Thornton dynasty, chooses her first husband's illegitimate son Jeff to run Babylon, her family's successful Las Vegas casino. For Jeff, this is a chance of a lifetime. For Fanny, it is a decision she will come to regret as it turns her children against each other. For the rightful Thornton heirs, it is their worst nightmare come true. Will jealousy and betrayal tear them apart once and for all - or will perseverance and love salvage the Thornton dream?

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