Kiki Strike Series by Kirsten Miller

4.20 · 26 ratings
  • The Empress's Tomb (Kiki Strike #2)

    The Empress's Tomb (Kiki Strike #2)

    Kirsten Miller

    · 16 ratings · published 2008

    What's happening  in New York City?Giant Squirrels.A Haunted Mansion.Six fierce friends with fiercer secrets. Ananka is in danger of being sent to a remote boarding school; Kiki's life (as always) is in danger, Betty seems to have found love in all the wrong places, and Oona….well, Oona's the one in the most serious trouble of all... more

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  • The Darkness Dwellers (Kiki Strike #3)

    The Darkness Dwellers (Kiki Strike #3)

    Kirsten Miller

    · 10 ratings · published 2013

    First they ventured deep under New York to save the city itself. Then things got personal as the Irregulars ventured into a haunted mansion in Chinatown to uncover an evil twin. Now, in the third installment of bestselling author Kirsten Miller's Kiki Strike series, this delightful group of delinquent geniuses jump feet first into a fast-paced international pursuit, going underground in Paris to pursue a pair of treacherous royals who have killed Kiki's parents... more

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