Kingdom Series by Marie Hall

4.07 · 162 ratings
  • Her Mad Hatter (Kingdom #1)

    Her Mad Hatter (Kingdom #1)

    Marie Hall

    · 27 ratings · published 2013

    Alice is all grown up. Running the Mad Hatter's Cupcakery and Tea Shoppe is a delicious job, until fate--and a fairy godmother with a weakness for bad boys--throws her a curveball. Now, Alice is the newest resident of Wonderland, where the Mad Hatter fuels her fantasies and thrills her body with his dark touch. The Mad Hatter may have a voice and a body made for sex, but he takes no lovers. Ever. But a determined fairy godmother has forced Alice into Wonderland--and his arms... more

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  • Gerard's Beauty (Kingdom #2)

    Gerard's Beauty (Kingdom #2)

    Marie Hall

    · 21 ratings · published 2012

    A not so classic retelling of Beauty and the Beast, as seen through the eyes of the villain... Betty Hart has had it with men. Jilted in love, her life now consists of shelving books by day, watching too much Anime by night, and occasionally dressing up like a superhero on the weekends with her fellow ‘Bleeding Heart’ nerds. Men are not welcome and very much unwanted... more

  • Red and Her Wolf (Kingdom #3)

    Red and Her Wolf (Kingdom #3)

    Marie Hall

    · 20 ratings · published 2012

    Long ago there lived a beautiful child. Her name was Violet. Fair of skin, with blonde hair and large blue eyes. Born of wild magic, she was a woman with a child’s heart. Innocent and lovely, but not at all what she seemed--you see Violet went by another name: The Heartsong. She was the child of fairy magic, the physical manifestation of all fae kinds unbridled power... more

  • Jinni's Wish (Kingdom #4)

    Jinni's Wish (Kingdom #4)

    Marie Hall

    · 19 ratings · published 2012

    A long, long time ago there lived a man. A Jinni, who had one wish. To know love. But the woman he thought he knew betrayed him and the love he thought they shared. Tortured for his crimes, he was cast out of Kingdom, stripped of all his powers, left to langour in pain and solitude, until eventually he becomes nothing but a ghost... Paz Lopez is an artist with a dream. To buy a ridiculously large penthouse in the swankiest section of Chicago... more

  • Hook's Pan (Kingdom #5)

    Hook's Pan (Kingdom #5)

    Marie Hall

    · 18 ratings · published 2013

    Trishelle Page has known pain in her life, but instead of it making her weak, she's stronger. Confident. That is until the day a fairy kidnaps her during her staring role in Peter Pan's play and tells her not only do fairy tales exist, but that she's the soulmate of the pirate they call Hook, making her question everything she ever thought she knew. Captain James Hook is a man at the end of his rope. He's not the villainous bastard tales have made him out to be... more

  • Danika's Surprise (Kingdom #5.5)

    Danika's Surprise (Kingdom #5.5)

    Marie Hall

    · 13 ratings · published 2013

    This is a companion novelette to the Kingdom Series. This is not a long story, this is a short story. It is a bridge between the prior Bad Five storyline and the new Dark Princess Kingdom Storyline that will begin this coming Christmas! Danika has a secret, a terrible, horrible one. One that when discovered, will forever alter the course of those she loves most... Find out the mystery of what happened to Alice and Hatter after Danika dropped Trishelle off at Hook's feet... more

  • Moon's Flower (Kingdom #6)

    Moon's Flower (Kingdom #6)

    Marie Hall

    · 12 ratings · published 2014

    Overview Once upon a time, long, long ago a flower fairy looked to the sky and dared to fall in love with The Man in the Moon… Or so goes the tale that Danika weaves for the gathered fae children. Tonight is the night to learn a hidden tale of Kingdom. A story long forgotten, remembered by few. A tale of treachery, of love, betrayal and woe... but there's more to the story than meets the eye... more

  • Huntsman's Prey (Kingdom #7)

    Huntsman's Prey (Kingdom #7)

    Marie Hall

    · 12 ratings · published 2014

    The Long Anticipated release is finally here in an exciting new installment of Kingdom! Rumors abound in Wonderland, of a dark princess named Chrysalis who bears the Moon's curse. Her beauty is beyond compare, and her madness… even greater than her father’s, The Hatter. Death follows wherever she roams, and Danika—fairy godmother of all villains—knows this task is too great for her to handle on her own... more

  • Rumpel's Prize (Kingdom #8)

    Rumpel's Prize (Kingdom #8)

    Marie Hall

    · 10 ratings · published 2014

    Imp, deceiver, villainous mastermind… Rumpelstiltskin’s been called all these names and more, and for the most part, they’re entirely true. But there is more to the brooding, blond haired Adonis than brokering deals for the devil. He’s hiding a terrible, hideous secret. One that threatens to fray the already delicate strands of his sanity and reason... more

  • Hood's Obsession (Kingdom #9)

    Hood's Obsession (Kingdom #9)

    Marie Hall

    · 10 ratings · published 2014

    NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE WHEREVER EBOOKS ARE SOLD! Erualis' time is running out and now Rumpelstiltskin says there are only two who can save him... Lilith Wolf, the daughter of the Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood has a problem, she's an unmated female in heat. She has to get away from the males of her village unless she wants to find herself involuntarily hand fasted to the first one to tame her wolf... more

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