Submission Series by Roxy Sloane

4.05 · 42 ratings
  • Sweet Submission (Submission #1)

    Sweet Submission (Submission #1)

    Roxy Sloane

    · 16 ratings · published 2014

    **Warning: this book is 100% panty-soaking alpha! Get ready to beg--and love every minute of it** Most women don't know the pleasure of total surrender. You've fantasized about it. Maybe you've even tried. Asked for his hands to grip you a little tighter. If he could tie you up. Hold you down. But he always stops too soon. He doesn't mean it when he makes you beg for him, doesn't push you to the limits of your pleasure and demand everything you have to give--and more... more

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  • Wild Submission (Submission #2)

    Wild Submission (Submission #2)

    Roxy Sloane

    · 14 ratings · published 2014

    ***Warning: this book is a panty-soaking, hard-spanking, 100% alpha ride. It demands your total surrender -- so get on your knees, and get ready.*** I thought I could keep my secret hidden in darkness. Away from my ordinary life -- contained and under control.Then I met her.She's breaking down every wall I've built, tempting me to risk it all. I crave her submission like nothing else. But first, I need her trust.Only then will she discover the pleasure of surrender. Only then will I know peace... more

  • Perfect Submission (Submission #4)

    Perfect Submission (Submission #4)

    Roxy Sloane

    · 12 ratings · published 2015

    I’ve spent my life running from the past, but now there’s no escape. He says he can save me — if I’ll only trust him. I want to believe him, but how can I be sure? My choice is ruin or surrender. Now, I have to decide. *The explosive final part of the sensual, suspenseful new serial*

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