Growing Pains Series by K.F. Breene

4.00 · 47 ratings
  • Lost and Found (Growing Pains #1)

    Lost and Found (Growing Pains #1)

    K.F. Breene

    · 14 ratings · published 2013

    On the tail-end of her ex-boyfriend crashing through a restraining order and putting her in the hospital, Krista realizes that the only way to effectively escape her past is to put distance between it. She gets her life back on track in San Francisco with a job that has limitless potential. Unfortunately, to achieve her dreams, she must brave the star of the company; a charming and handsome salesman that isn’t used to the word no... more

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  • Overcoming Fear (Growing Pains #2)

    Overcoming Fear (Growing Pains #2)

    K.F. Breene

    · 12 ratings · published 2013

    With the shadows of Krista’s past constantly lingering over her, Krista tries to keep herself at a distance from the handsome and effervescent salesman, Sean. The problem is, the more entwined they become working as a team to land the huge client, the closer they inevitably get. Soon Krista can’t help but face the feelings that have grown between them. Sean doesn’t have a great track record with women. He’s always known how to get them, but keeping them has always been another story... more

  • Butterflies in Honey (Growing Pains #3)

    Butterflies in Honey (Growing Pains #3)

    K.F. Breene

    · 12 ratings · published 2013

    Krista has settled into her new job in L.A. gloriously, moving up the ladder and earning a great reputation for herself. But since she and Sean parted ways, she has felt like half a person; a shell of the girl she was when she left San Francisco. It isn’t until her job takes her back to San Francisco that she sees him again, the one that got away. It’s like looking into her soul as she meets those startling green eyes again... more

  • Love and Chaos: A Growing Pains Novel (Growing Pains #4)

    Love and Chaos: A Growing Pains Novel (Growing Pains #4)

    K.F. Breene

    · 9 ratings · published 2014

    A stand alone book based on the bestselling Growing Pains Series. You do not need to have read the series to embark on this read. Cassie thought she had it all—a great brother, a new soon to be sister-in-law, and a bunch of great friends. With her chosen family growing, and her life in L.A. going great, she never thought she’d ask for anything more. But when she sees the way her brother and his soon-to-be wife look at each other, Cassie realizes she's missing something... more

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