The Andrades Series by Ruth Cardello

4.26 · 74 ratings
  • Recipe for Love (The Andrades #0.5)

    Recipe for Love (The Andrades #0.5)

    Ruth Cardello

    · 8 ratings · published 2014

    From NY Times & USA Today Bestselling author, Ruth Cardello: Recipe For Love (A Hot Andrade Christmas Novella) Before Abby met Dominic. Before Nicole and Stephan got back together. Confessed secrets drove Madison Andrade away from her family and into the arms of an arrogant, lusty Frenchman. All she wants for Christmas is a place to hide, but she cooks up much more than that in their short time together... more

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  • Come Away with Me (The Andrades #1)

    Come Away with Me (The Andrades #1)

    Ruth Cardello

    · 16 ratings · published 2014

    NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Author! Gio Andrade:Rich, powerful, sexy. A man who thinks he has everything...until he meets Julia. Julia Bennett:Sweet, spontaneous, and desperate to sell her jewelry line in New York City. She takes a job as a night security guard to pay the rent. Sparks fly when she mistakes her boss for an intruder. He can’t get her out of his head. She can’t find the strength to deny him. Will lies bring them together or tear them apart forever?

  • Home to Me (The Andrades #2)

    Home to Me (The Andrades #2)

    Ruth Cardello

    · 14 ratings · published 2014

    Nick Andrade: Sexy, charming, bad boy. He’s never been a one woman man, but he’s willing to give it a try every Saturday with Rena. Rena Sander: Confident, caring, a woman who plays by the rules. She’s never been in love, and thinks keeping sex with Nick contained to one day a week will protect her heart. He’s the hot fantasy she’s always craved. She’s the only woman he’d consider reforming for... more

  • Maximum Risk (The Andrades #3)

    Maximum Risk (The Andrades #3)

    Ruth Cardello

    · 12 ratings · published 2015

    Max Andrade: Rich, bold, unapologetic. He is a man who doesn’t hear the word no—until he meets Tara. In his obsession to have her, he’ll offer her anything—except his heart. Tara Holmes: Outspoken, hardworking, levelheaded. She makes her living by exposing unfaithful spouses. She doesn’t believe in love, especially not with a man who sees her as nothing more than a challenge. When Madison D’Argenson hires Tara to uncover the truth about Aunt Patrice, Tara is pulled into Max’s world... more

  • Somewhere Along the Way (The Andrades #4)

    Somewhere Along the Way (The Andrades #4)

    Ruth Cardello

    · 12 ratings · published 2015

    From NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Author! Luke Andrade: Wealthy, talented, fiercely loyal. He’s the glue that holds his family together, but every man has a breaking point. When he heads to Ohio to attend a funeral, he does so with the intention of taking time off to clear his head. The very last thing he expects to do is meet a woman. Cassie Daiver: Scarred, but not broken. She’s recreating herself in a small town far away from her painful childhood... more

  • Loving Gigi (The Andrades #5)

    Loving Gigi (The Andrades #5)

    Ruth Cardello

    · 12 ratings · published 2015

    Gigi Bassano Young. Beautiful. Idealistic. Proud. Gigi was raised outside the Andrade clan, but it has left her with an ache she cannot deny. When she’s invited to her brothers’ weddings, she refuses at first, then changes her mind and attends without telling anyone. She won’t let herself love them, but she can’t stay away. It’s a recipe for disappointment and heartbreak. Especially when she throws herself at her brother’s best friend, Kane. Kane Sander Sexy, rich, loyal, protective... more

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