Call Duology Series by Emma Hart

4.03 · 48 ratings
  • Late Call (Call Duology #1)

    Late Call (Call Duology #1)

    Emma Hart

    · 19 ratings · published 2014

    She’s a high class call girl. He’s taking over his father’s business. Seven years ago, they fell in love in Paris. They walked away at the end of the summer, never imagining they’d meet again.Now he’s her client. We fell in love the way you jump from a cliff. Hard and fast with a reckless sense of abandon. The six weeks we spent together changed my life, but at seventeen, I was naive. I was a dreamer. A believer. Now I’m twenty-four and cynical. I don’t believe in love... more

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  • Final Call (Call Duology #2)

    Final Call (Call Duology #2)

    Emma Hart

    · 17 ratings · published 2014

    In the highly anticipated sequel to LATE CALL, Dayton and Aaron learn once more than not everything is as straightforward as it seems, and if they have any chance of getting their long-awaited happily-ever-after, they'll have to work for it... We crashed and burned like a falling plane. Hard and fast with an inevitable explosion. Another few weeks together changed my life the way the first did. At twenty-four, I became naïve again. I became a dreamer again. A believer... more

  • His Call (Call Duology #2.5)

    His Call (Call Duology #2.5)

    Emma Hart

    · 12 ratings · published 2014

    22,000 words. Ten scenes. Seven you thought you knew. Three you never did. In this CALL series novella, get inside Aaron Stone's head for the very first time. Experience some of your favourite scenes from LATE CALL and FINAL CALL from his point of view and enjoy three brand new scenes you always wondered about...

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