Carter Brothers Series by Lisa Helen Gray, Elisia Goodman

4.28 · 64 ratings
  • Malik (Carter Brothers #1)

    Malik (Carter Brothers #1)

    Lisa Helen Gray

    · 16 ratings · published 2015

    I’m Harlow Evans. Shortly after my parents were murdered I moved in with my Grandma. It meant switching schools, losing friends, and moving away from the only home I knew. All I wanted was to finish the school year hassle free. Switching seats on that first day altered my life. After surviving the loss of my parents I never thought anything could break me, but then HE came into my life... more

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  • Mason (Carter Brothers #2)

    Mason (Carter Brothers #2)

    Lisa Helen Gray

    · 14 ratings · published 2015

    I’m Denny Smith. I moved away to my Nan’s house after my parents happily kicked me out. Why, you ask? Because I ruined my future, so they say. If you ask me, I was a naive seventeen year-old girl who chose to sleep with the boy she had loved from afar for years, only for him to want nothing to do with me in return. So here I am, back at the one place I had hoped to never return, where I’ll attend court as a witness. Now I have to face him...Mason... more

  • Myles (Carter Brothers #3)

    Myles (Carter Brothers #3)

    Lisa Helen Gray, Elisia Goodman

    · 12 ratings · published 2015

    I’m Kayla Martin... I was once sweet and innocent, saw the world bright with colour, but now all I see is black and white. He not only ripped my innocence away from me, tortured me and made my life a living hell, but he stole the very soul that made me who I am. I’m a shell of the girl I once knew. But it’s all about to change. I’m ready to face my fear. And that’s going right back to the very place all this started. Grayson High... more

  • Max (Carter Brothers #4)

    Max (Carter Brothers #4)

    Lisa Helen Gray

    · 10 ratings · published 2016

    Max... I’ve got my looks, my charm, and well, a smile that melts panties. My charm only gets me so far though. Apparently, that limit is the law. I don’t even care when the courts finally give me a punishment for vandalising the church property; in my defence, I didn’t know it was a church. They’ve got me serving three months of community service working at the local church’s Salvation shelter. They think three months here will change me; that I will change my delinquent ways... more

  • Maverick (Carter Brothers #5)

    Maverick (Carter Brothers #5)

    Lisa Helen Gray

    · 12 ratings · published 2017

    MAVERICK I'm the eldest of five brothers. Brothers I fought to protect. Brothers I failed. They don't know the truth. I've kept secrets. Told them lies. And now everything I've worked so hard to keep hidden is about to explode and everyone I wanted to protect will be caught in the crossfire. TEAGAN Meeting him was fate. Him being a part of my past was a coincidence. Falling for him was my destiny. What happens after... THAT is a disaster... more

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