The Fallen Series by Thomas E. Sniegoski

4.00 · 80 ratings
  • The Fallen and Leviathan (The Fallen #1)

    The Fallen and Leviathan (The Fallen #1)

    Thomas E. Sniegoski

    · 24 ratings · published 2010

    THE ULTIMATE QUEST FOR REDEMPTION On his eighteenth birthday, Aaron begins to hear strange voices and is convinced he is going insane. But having moved from foster home to foster home, Aaron doesn't know whom he can trust. He wants to confide in the cute girl from class, but fears she'll confirm he's crazy. Then a mysterious man begins following Aaron. He knows about Aaron's troubled past and his new powers... more

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  • Aerie and Reckoning (The Fallen #2)

    Aerie and Reckoning (The Fallen #2)

    Thomas E. Sniegoski

    · 18 ratings · published 2010

    DESTINED FOR HEAVEN OR HELL? Aaron's senior year has been anything but typical. Half angel and half human, he has been charged to reunite the Fallen with Heaven. But the leader of the Dark Powers is determined to destroy Aaron—and all hope of angelic reconciliation. Struggling to harness the incredible force within him, Aaron trains for the ultimate battle. With the Dark Powers gaining in strength, their clash may come sooner than he expects... more

  • End of Days (The Fallen #3)

    End of Days (The Fallen #3)

    Thomas E. Sniegoski

    · 16 ratings · published 2011

    VICTORY IS FLEETING, BUT DEFEAT IS ETERNAL. The war between Heaven and Hell rages on Aaron, half angel and half human, commands the Fallen in their quest to protect humanity. But evil forces gain strength at every turn. And lurking somewhere in the shadows is Archangel Gabriel's instrument with the power to call down the End of Days... Aaron draws confidence from the girl he loves as he struggles to make peace with his legacy as Lucifer's son... more

  • Forsaken (The Fallen #4)

    Forsaken (The Fallen #4)

    Thomas E. Sniegoski

    · 12 ratings · published 2012

    Half angel and half human, Aaron holds the weight of the world in his hands in the fourth book of the New York Times bestselling The Fallen series. The war between Heaven and Hell rages on. The devil has possessed Lucifer’s body and is intent on unleashing unfathomable chaos in the world. But no matter the cost, Aaron and the other Nephilim are determined to protect humanity. As the casualties mount around them, Aaron and his beloved Vilma’s loyalty and faith will be tested... more

  • Armageddon (The Fallen #5)

    Armageddon (The Fallen #5)

    Thomas E. Sniegoski

    · 10 ratings · published 2013

    Only Aaron and his fellow Nephilim can protect the world from Satan’s wrath in this riveting finale to the New York Times bestselling The Fallen series. Satan is determined to create his own Hell on Earth and has unleashed unfathomable chaos into the world. Cut off from Heaven, humanity’s only hope for salvation rests with eighteen-year-old Aaron and the other Nephilim who fight by his side. These angelic warriors will protect civilization and restore God’s favor no matter the cost... more

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