Matrix of Destiny Series by Dara Joy

3.87 · 73 ratings
  • Knight of a Trillion Stars (Matrix of Destiny #1)

    Knight of a Trillion Stars (Matrix of Destiny #1)

    Dara Joy

    · 16 ratings · published 1995

    How do you find the perfect man? You come home to him. Imagine returning from work to find him in your living room? It has been a horrible day for Deanna Jones. She’s fired from her job– and that turns out to be the highpoint of her day... more

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  • Rejar (Matrix of Destiny #2)

    Rejar (Matrix of Destiny #2)

    Dara Joy

    · 20 ratings · published 1997

    He is a totally sexual creature. Handsome as sin, sensual as silk… This cat will get your tongue. And then some. When Lilac Devere discovers a beautiful cat with dual-colored eyes sprawled across her carriage, the proper regency miss decides to take the handsome fellow home to be her pet. Boy howdy, is she in for it now. DIDN’T YOUR MOTHER TELL YOU TO BE CAREFUL OF STRAY TOMCATS? Poor Lilac has no idea that her new cat is a feline shapeshifter... more

  • Mine to Take (Matrix of Destiny #3)

    Mine to Take (Matrix of Destiny #3)

    Dara Joy

    · 16 ratings · published 1998

    In a galaxy far, far away, beautiful Jenise will do anything to escape marriage to her late stepfather's evil brother, Karpon. When she discovers that Karpon has captured a powerful shapechanger, Gian Ren, she decides to make him an offer he can't refuse. Gian Ren has been drugged, stripped, and chained to a wall. Despite his circumstances, Jenise is wary, for even chained the shapechanger is formidable... more

  • That Familiar Touch (Matrix of Destiny #4)

    That Familiar Touch (Matrix of Destiny #4)

    Dara Joy

    · 9 ratings · published 2004

    The beloved Matrix of Destiny series continues with the exciting tale of the beautiful feline shapeshifter Soosha. The Familiar woman yearns for exotic adventure, and must defy her king's orders to stay planetside. She sets off on a secret escapade to discover new worlds. Soon, her journey leads her to a mysterious land -- and a very compelling stranger named Daxan. Soosha tried to catch her breath as she looked up into the face of her decisive captor... more

  • Death by Ploot Ploot (Matrix of Destiny #5)

    Death by Ploot Ploot (Matrix of Destiny #5)

    Dara Joy

    · 6 ratings · published 2014

    What happens when Deana decides to introduce the concept of Valentine's Day to Aviara? Yep, that is pretty insane. What are you thinking, Deanna?! How will the fearsome Charl knights react to the concept of a day of romance? Sexy time for wizards. With sparks. Welcome, traveler! Time to rejoin old friends and come back to where it all started: Aviara. It's home- and the door is open for a sweet and spicy visit... more

  • Cat Scratched! (Matrix of Destiny #6)

    Cat Scratched! (Matrix of Destiny #6)

    Dara Joy

    · 6 ratings · published 2014

    Salair Ner. . . Hair like a silken river of midnight. Long, gleaming ebony strands tipped in lustrous gold. Eyes tilted slightly at the corners and of different colors. Clear blue and warm gold. Rimmed in dark lashes. Arresting, sensual features. . . A loner of noble blood. A sleek, masculine cat of astounding beauty, lethal grace, and feral tendencies. He's your new Familiar on a long, steamy night... more

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