Bullet Catcher Series by Roxanne St. Claire, Linda Lael Miller, Catherine Mulvany, Julie Leto

4.03 · 123 ratings
  • Kill Me Twice (Bullet Catcher #1)

    Kill Me Twice (Bullet Catcher #1)

    Roxanne St. Claire

    · 16 ratings · published 2005

    From bestselling author Roxanne St. Claire comes a sensational new novel of dangerous desires, dark deceptions — and one drop-dead gorgeous bodyguard. WATCH YOUR BACK Alex Romero is the hottest "Bullet Catcher" in the business. Tall, dark, and deadly if necessary, this high-priced bodyguard's got the muscle and the moves — especially when it comes to the ladies. Alex can keep his beautiful clients out of danger, but sometimes they can't keep their hands off of him... more

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  • Thrill Me to Death (Bullet Catcher #2)

    Thrill Me to Death (Bullet Catcher #2)

    Roxanne St. Claire

    · 14 ratings · published 2006

    A hot-blooded bodyguard. An heiress worth a cool billion. And one dangerous attraction.... Roxanne St. Claire delivers a heart-pounding thrill ride in the second Bullet Catchers novel! HE KNOWS ALL HER SECRETS... Max Roper never lets emotion get in the way of his job -- not since the tragic shooting that killed his fiancée's father. Now the former DEA agent is a Bullet Catcher, and he's managed to block out Cori's bitter goodbye -- and their sizzling passion... more

  • I'll Be Home for Christmas (Bullet Catcher #2.5)

    I'll Be Home for Christmas (Bullet Catcher #2.5)

    Linda Lael Miller, Catherine Mulvany, Julie Leto, Roxanne St. Claire

    · 10 ratings · published 2006

    A collection of heartwarming holiday stories from today's stars of passionate romance! LINDA LAEL MILLER delivers a holiday miracle in the bittersweet tale of a young woman who can't hide her broken heart -- or her past -- when she returns to her hometown. But a sexy widower may just help her discover the true meaning of home in "Christmas of the Red Chiefs." CATHERINE MULVANY spins a fairy tale come true in "Once Upon a Christmas... more

  • Take Me Tonight (Bullet Catcher #3)

    Take Me Tonight (Bullet Catcher #3)

    Roxanne St. Claire

    · 14 ratings · published 2007

    What do thrill-seeking women want? A fantasy-fulfilling abduction...an exciting rescue by a scorching hot guy...with an unforgettable night of passion. So they go to www.takemetonite.com -- and then they die. Someone has to stop it. When Sage Valentine discovers that her roommate's shocking suicide might be related to a website that provides edgy, thrill-seeking entertainment, she immediately books her own "abduction" to get some answers... more

  • Reason to Believe (Bullet Catcher #3.5)

    Reason to Believe (Bullet Catcher #3.5)

    Roxanne St. Claire

    · 2 ratings · published 2007

    From New York Times bestselling author Roxanne St. Claire comes Reason to Believe --the perfect mix of romance and suspense. (Please note: this novella is a reissue of a title originally published in 2008 as part of a multi-author anthology called "What You Can't See.") Arianna Killian is an engaging TV psychic and hostess of the popular show Closure where she is able to give guests one last conversation with a lost loved one... more

  • First You Run (Bullet Catcher #4)

    First You Run (Bullet Catcher #4)

    Roxanne St. Claire

    · 14 ratings · published 2008

    AN UNSTOPPABLE BODYGUARD ON THE HUNT. A WOMAN HIDING A SECRET EVEN SHE DOESN'T KNOW. A PASSION THAT BEGINS WITH DANGER.... Bullet Catcher Adrien Fletcher is on a mission to track down a baby given up in a black market adoption thirty years ago. He has a list of possible names and one tantalizing clue: the infant girl had been marked with a tiny tattoo. And since tattoo-hunting will mean getting up close and personal with the women on his list, he's the perfect man for the job... more

  • Then You Hide (Bullet Catcher #5)

    Then You Hide (Bullet Catcher #5)

    Roxanne St. Claire

    · 12 ratings · published 2008

    When Bullet Catcher Wade Cordell is offered a cushy assignment to track down a woman on vacation in the Caribbean and persuade her to meet her birth mother, the secret ops sharpshooter decides it's the perfect antidote to his stressful job. Except spirited and sassy Vanessa Porter isn't on vacation, she's on a hunt for a friend who has disappeared... more

  • Now You Die (Bullet Catcher #6)

    Now You Die (Bullet Catcher #6)

    Roxanne St. Claire

    · 12 ratings · published 2008

    Former Bullet Catcher and lone wolf investigator Jack Culver is on a mission. Thirty years ago, an innocent woman was convicted of murder. Jack believes he's found the real killer -- but to take down one of the highest legal authorities in the land, he needs access. Serious access. Unfortunately, the one person he knows with that kind of power is his ex-boss and ex-lover, the woman who still haunts his dreams... more

  • Hunt Her Down (Bullet Catcher #7)

    Hunt Her Down (Bullet Catcher #7)

    Roxanne St. Claire

    · 12 ratings · published 2009

    SOME VENDETTAS ARE HARD TO FORGET. Fourteen years ago, undercover FBI agent Dan Gallagher watched his lover, Maggie Varcek, flee into the Miami night as gunfire exploded around them. Now a Bullet Catcher, Dan has learned that drug lord Ramon Jimenez is out of prison after the FBI bust Maggie unwittingly aided, and is looking for revenge. Determined to protect the woman who still haunts his memory, Dan tracks Maggie down, undercover once again -- until his identity is stunningly blown... more

  • Make Her Pay (Bullet Catcher #8)

    Make Her Pay (Bullet Catcher #8)

    Roxanne St. Claire

    · 10 ratings · published 2009

    Bullet Catcher and former Navy SEAL Constantine Xenakis has infiltrated a dive ship to discover who's plundering priceless gems from a legendary sunken Spanish galleon. When he catches Lizzie Dare red-handed in the locked treasure room, her story of a stolen ancestral legacy convinces him to work with the sexy thief instead of turning her in -- and not just because he wants to find the real culprit... more

  • Pick Your Poison (Bullet Catcher #8.5)

    Pick Your Poison (Bullet Catcher #8.5)

    Roxanne St. Claire

    · 6 ratings · published 2013

    Looking for a new Bullet Catcher to fall in love with? Meet Benjamin Youngblood - he’s sexy, smart, spectacular and...about to lose his job for the best security firm in the world. He’s got one chance to prove himself and nothing will stop him. Not even a flower farmer. When Ben sets out to track and trap an assassin, he's forced to trust a feisty farmer who could be as dangerous as her homegrown poison... more

  • Diamond Drop (Bullet Catcher #8.75)

    Diamond Drop (Bullet Catcher #8.75)

    Roxanne St. Claire

    · 1 ratings · published 2012

    Discover heart-racing intrigue in this Thriller Short of romantic suspense.Originally published in Love is Murder edited by #1 New York Times bestselling author Sandra Brown.In this spicy Thriller Short, New York Times bestselling author Roxanne St. Claire pens a sensual tale with a savvy twist.On a routine diamond drop between Antwerp Central Station and Paris, security expert Donovan Rush encounters a fascinating woman in obvious jeopardy... more

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