Demon Kissed Series by H.M. Ward

4.06 · 70 ratings
  • Demon Kissed (Demon Kissed #1)

    Demon Kissed (Demon Kissed #1)

    H.M. Ward

    · 16 ratings · published 2012

    The Valefar boy tricked Ivy Taylor into kissing him, but he took much more than a kiss - he stole her soul and left her within inches of death. By surviving, Ivy is drawn into the conflict between the Martis and the Valefar. The war between these two immortal forces has raged for millennia without distraction. Until now. Ivy is an anomaly-she is the only person who has ever walked away from a demon kiss alive. Her survival gives her unique and deadly abilities... more

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  • Cursed (Demon Kissed #2)

    Cursed (Demon Kissed #2)

    H.M. Ward

    · 14 ratings · published 2011

    Ivy's on her way to kick ass and save Collin from the horrors of the Underworld. Along the way she discovers that the truth won't set her free. Deep-seated deception leads Ivy closer to her destiny. But, being queen of the demons is not the destiny she wants. Ivy will have to overcome lust, power, love, and an ancient prophecy if she wants to survive.DEMON KISSED SERIES ORDER: #1. Demon Kissed #2. Cursed #3. Torn #4. Satan's Stone #5... more

  • Torn (Demon Kissed #3)

    Torn (Demon Kissed #3)

    H.M. Ward

    · 12 ratings · published 2011

    Ivy's life is torn apart when her plan to save Collin goes horribly wrong. Having descended into the deepest pits of Hell, she risks everything to save him, but nothing could have prepared her for what she encounters. Weak and wounded, Ivy must overturn her dark destiny and face the possibility that she may lose true love forever. DEMON KISSED SERIES ORDER: #1. Demon Kissed #2. Cursed #3. Torn #4. Satan's Stone #5... more

  • Satan's Stone (Demon Kissed #4)

    Satan's Stone (Demon Kissed #4)

    H.M. Ward

    · 12 ratings · published 2012

    A single stone can heal the Sapphire Serum that's poisoning Ivy Taylor and destroy the powerful demon who is hunting her—but she has to find it first. Forced into an alliance with her worst enemy, Ivy searches for Satan's Stone. But she learns that the cost of using the stone's power may be more than she can pay. If Ivy fails to retrieve the stone in time, she risks losing more than her soul and her true love—she risks the annihilation of the world.

  • The 13th Prophecy (Demon Kissed #5)

    The 13th Prophecy (Demon Kissed #5)

    H.M. Ward

    · 10 ratings · published 2012

    The time has come for Ivy to face her dark fate. There are no other options--she must destroy Kreterus. Failure to destroy him will result in the annihilation of the world we know and Ivy being doomed to reside in the Underworld for eternity.DEMON KISSED SERIES ORDER: #1. Demon Kissed #2. Cursed #3. Torn #4. Satan's Stone #5. The 13th ProphecyADDITIONAL DEMON KISSED BOOKS: VALEFAR VOLUMES (Demon Kissed Novellas) #1. Valefar Vol. 1 #2. Valefar Vol. 2

  • Assassin: Fall of the Golden Valefar (Demon Kissed #6)

    Assassin: Fall of the Golden Valefar (Demon Kissed #6)

    H.M. Ward

    · 6 ratings · published 2012

    There is neither pure goodness nor pure evil in your heart—you are what you choose to be. Those are the words Ivy spoke to him three years ago when she sent Eric to the surface. But she had no way to know that every day the curse would twist his mind further, making Eric more depraved and more desperate to stop the monster he is becoming. Eric puts a lethal plan into action. Once started, it cannot be stopped. The plan will result in his ultimately finding peace—and destruction... more

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