Cherchez Pack Series by Lauren Dane

3.99 · 53 ratings
  • Wolf's Ascension (Cherchez Pack #1)

    Wolf's Ascension (Cherchez Pack #1)

    Lauren Dane

    · 21 ratings · published 2007

    Attacked by werewolves. Mated to the Alpha. Declared a queen. Kari is having an unusual day. In the Cherchez wolf pack, loyalty is earned, not given. For Andreas, the pull he feels toward Kari cannot be ignored, a physical bond immediate and unbreakable—though Andreas wants to win Kari’s heart as well as her body. But someone isn’t happy about his new mate, and Kari’s just beginning to trust him and the pack when attempted murder threatens their newfound happiness... more

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  • Ascension (Cherchez Pack #1)

    Ascension (Cherchez Pack #1)

    Lauren Dane

    · 19 ratings · published 2011

    Kari's simple life is tossed upside down. She's hospitalized after a dog attacks her, her doctor kidnaps her, and now a totally crazy man is telling her that not only is he a werewolf but so is she. And not just any werewolf but the queen! She soon finds out Andreas is telling the truth. Being a werewolf isn't so bad when your husband stands well over six feet, is hotter than a movie star and richer than one too... more

  • Fire and Rain (Cherchez Pack #2)

    Fire and Rain (Cherchez Pack #2)

    Lauren Dane

    · 13 ratings · published 2011

    Sequel to "Ascension." Rain is a waitress by day, but when not at The Black Cat she's working hard to make her art career take off. Her paintings are the center of her life until Laurent walks into her caf . Suddenly she's dealing with a very alpha male pursuing her and the not-so-very-tiny detail that he happens to be a werewolf. Laurent Cole has been the Third in command in the Cherchez Wolf Pack for decades... more

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