Summer Harbor Series by Denise Hunter

4.14 · 38 ratings
  • Falling Like Snowflakes (Summer Harbor #1)

    Falling Like Snowflakes (Summer Harbor #1)

    Denise Hunter

    · 14 ratings · published 2015

    When the Christmas season finds Eden in Summer Harbor, Maine, she's on the run from trouble. Romance is the last thing on her mind. Riding in a bus in the thickly falling snow, Eden Davis wonders how it ever came to this--fleeing under cover of night with young Micah sleeping fitfully in the seat beside her. When a winter storm strands them in Summer Harbor, Maine, Eden wonders if what might have been the end could be a new beginning. Beau Callahan is a habitual problem-solver... more

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  • The Goodbye Bride (Summer Harbor #2)

    The Goodbye Bride (Summer Harbor #2)

    Denise Hunter

    · 12 ratings · published 2016

    She only remembers loving him. But he can’t forget the way she left. Following a concussion, Lucy Lovett can’t remember the last seven months of her life. She doesn’t remember leaving her fiancé Zac Callahan weeks before their wedding or moving to Portland, Maine. And she sure doesn’t remember getting engaged to another man. All she remembers is loving Zac more than life itself. It’s taken Zac months to move on after Lucy left him with no explanation... more

  • Just a Kiss (Summer Harbor #3)

    Just a Kiss (Summer Harbor #3)

    Denise Hunter

    · 12 ratings · published 2016

    Riley Callahan’s plans to reveal his secret feelings for his best friend are derailed when his life is drastically altered in Afghanistan. Watching the love of his life fall for his brother was enough to send Riley straight to boot camp. But over a year later, he’s officially a marine, and Beau and Paige are no longer an item. When Riley’s tour in Afghanistan is up, he intends to confess his feelings to Paige and win his best friend’s heart once and for all... more

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