Only in Gooding Series by Cathy Marie Hake

4.00 · 76 ratings
  • Fancy Pants (Only in Gooding #1)

    Fancy Pants (Only in Gooding #1)

    Cathy Marie Hake

    · 18 ratings · published 2007

    When Britisher Lady Sydney Hathwell's father dies, the American who planned to wed her suddenly reneges. Stranded in America and penniless, Sydney contacts a relative in Texas who, mistaking her male-sounding name, invites his "nephew" to join him on his ranch. "Big Tim" Creighton, however, is appalled when this mincing fop arrives at Forsaken. He determines he'll turn Fancy Pants Hathwell into a man before the boss returns home... more

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  • Forevermore (Only in Gooding #2)

    Forevermore (Only in Gooding #2)

    Cathy Marie Hake

    · 16 ratings · published 2008

    Another unforgettable heroine! Like a dandelion in the wind, Hope Ladley blows from one farm to the next, helping cook for the field hands during the harvest. Illiterate and often twisting cliches and Bible verses into mind-boggling observations, Hope leaves widower Jakob Stauffer baffled by her unconventional ways. But her sunny disposition and unstinting love make changes of a different kind around the place... more

  • Whirlwind (Only in Gooding #3)

    Whirlwind (Only in Gooding #3)

    Cathy Marie Hake

    · 14 ratings · published 2008

    When Millicent Fairweather boards the Opportunity to journey to America, she's confident a better life awaits. Before she knows it, she's taken out of steerage to be a nanny to a delightful little boy who quickly wins her heart. Widower Daniel Clark isn't sure about the pretty bundle of energy who takes the nanny position, but he figures the voyage is only one week. When disaster strikes, Daniel seizes the chance to rescue Millicent and her sister. A most convenient marriage ensues.. more

  • That Certain Spark (Only in Gooding #4)

    That Certain Spark (Only in Gooding #4)

    Cathy Marie Hake

    · 14 ratings · published 2009

    Gooding, Texas, is about to gain a double blessing--a veterinarian and a doctor. But when siblings Enoch and Taylor Bestman arrive, the discovery that Taylor is a lady doctor has the town up in arms. Especially Karl Van der Vort, the town blacksmith, who becomes the first patient...against his will... more

  • Serendipity (Only in Gooding #5)

    Serendipity (Only in Gooding #5)

    Cathy Marie Hake

    · 14 ratings · published 2010

    Todd Valmer should have known better. A farmer who's been through several disasters, he travels to Virginia to fetch his widowed mother to cook and help him around his Texas farm...or that was the plan until she keels over on the train and they get kicked off. Maggie Rose barters for a living and also makes soaps, lotions, and perfumes with a special rose recipe passed down from mother to daughter for generations. She hasn't wanted to marry...until that handsome Texan shows up... more

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