Capital Theatre Series by Lisa Kleypas, Lisa Cach, Claudia Dain, Lynsay Sands, Leigh Greenwood

3.59 · 149 ratings
  • Somewhere I'll Find You (Capital Theatre #1)

    Somewhere I'll Find You (Capital Theatre #1)

    Lisa Kleypas

    · 40 ratings · published 1996

    The toast of the town... All London is at Julia Wentworth's feet—and anything she desires is hers for the asking. But the glamorous leading lady guards a shocking secret: a mystery husband whom she does not know, dares not mention ... and cannot love. For years Damon Savage has been searching for the stranger his parents wed him to without his consent, hoping to legally free himself from matrimony's invisible chains... more

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  • Because You're Mine (Capital Theatre #2)

    Because You're Mine (Capital Theatre #2)

    Lisa Kleypas

    · 63 ratings · published 2011

    "I don't care about your conscience. All I want is for you to kiss me again." Lady Madeline Matthews would rather shame herself than sacrifice her freedom—which is why, to avoid a marriage to an aging, lecherous lord, she seeks out the company of Logan Scott. A torrid affair with the notorious womanizer would surely condemn her in the eyes of good society. Though a legend in the bedchamber, Logan is, in truth, an intensely private man tormented by past betrayals... more

  • Wish List (Capital Theatre #2.5)

    Wish List (Capital Theatre #2.5)

    Lisa Kleypas, Lisa Cach, Claudia Dain, Lynsay Sands

    · 14 ratings · published 2003

    Dear St. Nicholas -- What we'd really like for Christmas this year is: An Irish Estate A Family Mountains of Sugarplums A Quiet Elopement Someone to close down all the London clubs -- (like White's) OR Marriage to a Man who is Honest, Loving, Sexy, Handsome and Titled. But we know there aren't enough of those to go around.. more

  • I Will (Capital Theatre #2.5)

    I Will (Capital Theatre #2.5)

    Lisa Kleypas

    · 21 ratings · published 2016

    Andrew, Lord Drake, has been cut out of his father’s will because of his dissolute manner of living. To be reinstated, Andrew decides to pretend that he has changed his wicked ways. As part of his plan, he wants to convince his father that he is courting a respectable woman with the intention of marrying her. The problem is, he doesn’t know any decent women, except for his friend’s spinster sister, Miss Caroline Hargreaves... more

  • A Historical Christmas Present (Capital Theatre #2.5)

    A Historical Christmas Present (Capital Theatre #2.5)

    Lisa Kleypas, Lynsay Sands, Leigh Greenwood

    · 11 ratings · published 2008

    Throughout the ages, Christmas has been a time of love and rejoicing. Now, from Dorchester Publishing, comes a selection of three classic tales to warm the hearts of historical romance readers everywhere. RITA Award-winning "I Will" LISA KLEYPAS When a Georgian bluestocking is propositioned by a rakish noble, she finds the unlikely deal he proposes is the gift of a lifetime... more

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