Deverry Series by Katharine Kerr

3.99 · 110 ratings
  • Daggerspell (Deverry #1)

    Daggerspell (Deverry #1)

    Katharine Kerr

    · 24 ratings · published 1993

    Even as a young girl, Jill was a favorite of the magical, mysterious Wildfolk, who appeared to her from their invisible realm. Little did she know her extraordinary friends represented but a glimpse of a forgotten past and a fateful future. Four hundred years-and many lifetimes-ago, one selfish young lord caused the death of two innocent lovers... more

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  • Darkspell (Deverry #2)

    Darkspell (Deverry #2)

    Katharine Kerr

    · 18 ratings · published 1994

    On the long roads of Deverry ride two mercenaries whose fates like hidden deep in that of their own land. But Lord Rhodry, exiled from the dragon court of Aberwyn, has yet to discover his true parentage, and his swordmaster-lover, Jill, has barely glimpsed her awesome powers. Meanwhile, the ancient sorcerer Nevyn, held back by his vows from boldly intervening in their lives, can only watch and wait as Rhodry and Jill move ever closer to danger... more

  • The Bristling Wood (Deverry #3)

    The Bristling Wood (Deverry #3)

    Katharine Kerr

    · 18 ratings · published 1990

    The Bristling Wood (Deverry Series, Book Three)

  • The Dragon Revenant (Deverry #4)

    The Dragon Revenant (Deverry #4)

    Katharine Kerr

    · 18 ratings · published 1991

    For years the provinces of Deverry have been in turmoil; now the conflict escalates with the kidnapping of Rhodry Maelwaedd, heir to the throne of Aberwyn.  Intent on rescuing him, his beloved Jill and the elven wizard Salamander infiltrate the distant land of Bardex, where Rhodry is held captive... more

  • Days of Air and Darkness (Deverry #8)

    Days of Air and Darkness (Deverry #8)

    Katharine Kerr

    · 16 ratings · published 1995

    Acclaimed author of the dazzling cycle of fantasy novels set in Deverry and the Westlands, Katharine Kerr continues her epic saga of humanity as a shift of power on the astral plane brings change to the world of men... The city of Cengarn is under siege. Armies both astral and physical are massing for and against the goddess Alshandra, who seeks to prevent the birth of one fate-bound child... more

  • The Red Wyvern (Deverry #9)

    The Red Wyvern (Deverry #9)

    Katharine Kerr

    · 16 ratings · published 1998

    On a misty lakeshore, a lost huntsman encounters a magic-touched realm. In a stark Northlands settlement, a peasant girl hears whispered omens, and a sorceress bargains with astral beings. All three are caught in a cauldron of fate and magic that has simmered for many lifetimes. For long ago, in a Deverry torn by civil war, young Lillorigga seeks to shield her dawning powers from her cruel mother Merodda's manipulation... more

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