Accidentals Series by Dakota Cassidy

4.01 · 173 ratings
  • The Accidental Werewolf (Accidentals #1)

    The Accidental Werewolf (Accidentals #1)

    Dakota Cassidy

    · 18 ratings · published 2013

    When Marty Andrews gets bitten by a mangy mutt while walking her teacup poodle, her blond hair darkens, the hair on her legs starts growing at an alarming rate, and her mood swings put her dream job as a sales rep for Bobbie-Sue Cosmetics in serious jeopardy. Then a drool-worthy man shows up at her door claiming that he accidentally bit Marty. And since he's a werewolf, she is now, too... more

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  • Accidentally Dead (Accidentals #2)

    Accidentally Dead (Accidentals #2)

    Dakota Cassidy

    · 18 ratings · published 2012

    A vampire puts the bite on a dental assistant. It?s a lousy first day on the job for Nina Blackman when a patient, loopy from the anesthesia, bites her. At least he was cute. But for real drama she can?t beat the next evening. Nina wakes up with a set of razor-sharp fangs, bionic vision, supersonic hearing, and a taste for blood. But there?s a good explanation: It?s her patient, Long Island vampire Greg Statleon... more

  • The Accidental Human (Accidentals #3)

    The Accidental Human (Accidentals #3)

    Dakota Cassidy

    · 16 ratings · published 2009

    Immortality bites- new from the author of Accidentally Dead and The Accidental Werewolf. Wanda Schwartz is raking in the dough selling Bobbie-Sue Cosmetics-and she's a pro at recruiting new sales women . So, she's shocked when a man comes to one of her in-home parties-a very hot man. Heath Jefferson is sure to put some extra spin into a lot of women's color wheels. When Wanda is diagnosed with a terminal illness, it doesn't have to be a death sentence... more

  • Accidentally Demonic (Accidentals #4)

    Accidentally Demonic (Accidentals #4)

    Dakota Cassidy

    · 14 ratings · published 2010

    The devilish new novel from the national bestselling author of The Accidental Human When mild-mannered Casey Schwartz wakes up in jail, she has no memory of how she got there. But after her sister, Wanda, bails her out, Casey has more to deal with than a foggy memory-like abrupt mood swings and fireballs shooting from her fingertips. But things really head south when a vampire shows up on her doorstep... Vampire Clayton Gunnersson is seriously hot. And seriously taken-by a demon... more

  • Accidentally Catty (Accidentals #5)

    Accidentally Catty (Accidentals #5)

    Dakota Cassidy

    · 14 ratings · published 2011

    A purrr-fectly scintillating new novel from the national bestselling author of Accidentally Demonic. Katie Woods never thought she'd be forty-one, divorced, and thrust back into the dating world. To start fresh, Katie uproots her veterinary practice to upstate New York-not exactly the hottest dating scene on the planet. But when an unconscious cougar appears at her clinic, Katie's newly single life gets a much needed jolt of the supernatural kind... more

  • Accidentally Dead, Again (Accidentals #6)

    Accidentally Dead, Again (Accidentals #6)

    Dakota Cassidy

    · 12 ratings · published 2012

    He was just looking for a night of fun.   After a wild work-sponsored Halloween party, entomologist Sam McLean wakes up with a spotty memory—and a pointy set of fangs. Sam’s one-night stand wasn’t just dressed as a vampire; she had the bite to match. Somehow, Sam's unconscious body ends up at the OOPS office, where paranormal crisis counselors Nina, Marty and Wanda give him the down-low on accidentally becoming a creature of the night.  What he got was an eternity of trouble... more

  • The Accidental Genie (Accidentals #7)

    The Accidental Genie (Accidentals #7)

    Dakota Cassidy

    · 12 ratings · published 2012

    She’s all bottled up. Jeannie Carlyle is a caterer extraordinaire, more than ready to handle any challenge thrown at her. But when her client asks her to open up a rare bottle of gin for a party, Jeannie is shocked when a guy in poofy pants pops out and she gets sucked inside. Trapped in the bottle, Jeannie does the only thing she can think of and uses her cell phone to search the term “paranormal” and finds the number for OOPS—Out in the Open Paranormal Support. Until he sets her free... more

  • The Accidental Werewolf 2: Something About Harry (Accidentals #8)

    The Accidental Werewolf 2: Something About Harry (Accidentals #8)

    Dakota Cassidy

    · 10 ratings · published 2013

    He’s in a furry situation. Accountant Harry Ralph Emerson has always been a by-the-numbers kind of guy. But when he finds himself trapped at work sprouting an obscene amount of hair, he knows his odds for maintaining normalcy are zero to none. After a frantic internet search, Harry goes through the OOPS—Out in the Open Paranormal Support—checklist and comes to a disheartening conclusion: He’s turning into a werewolf and he needs help ASAP. She might be the only solution... more

  • The Accidental Dragon (Accidentals #9)

    The Accidental Dragon (Accidentals #9)

    Dakota Cassidy

    · 10 ratings · published 2015

    From national bestselling author Dakota Cassidy comes the latest in a series that "gets better and better with each book" (Bitten By Books). Firefighter McAllister “Mick” Malone knows he has a protective streak, especially when it comes to his deceased best friend’s sister, Tessa. But after twenty-five years of verbal sparring, Mick can’t help but notice that their recent arguments have started to feel a lot like foreplay... more

  • Interview With an Accidental (Accidentals #9.9)

    Interview With an Accidental (Accidentals #9.9)

    Dakota Cassidy

    · 6 ratings · published 2015

    “Sweet Baby Jesus in booty shorts! Marty, Wanda, and Nina are back!” New York Times bestselling author, Robyn Peterman. National bestselling author of The Accidental Dragon , Dakota Cassidy is puttin’ on her tiara, sharpening her fav hot pink pen, and kicking her feet up on the desk to ask the hard questions. Get the inside scoop on all the hot, sexy cast members in this free, uproariously funny interview with the girls of her Accidental series... more

  • Accidentally Aphrodite (Accidentals #10)

    Accidentally Aphrodite (Accidentals #10)

    Dakota Cassidy

    · 10 ratings · published 2015

    An apple a day keeps the Goddess in play...Mythology buff Quinn Morris has always wanted to visit Greece, where her inner hardcore romantic envisioned proposing to her boyfriend. And she's finally here--with her friend Ingrid. She might not have found love at the Parthenon, thanks to her cheating ex, but she has found big boobies...and swirly purple eyes...and sparkling skin. Oh, and Greek hottie Khristos, who claims to be descended from a goddess and swears Quinn's the new Aphrodite... more

  • Accidentally Ever After (Accidentals #11)

    Accidentally Ever After (Accidentals #11)

    Dakota Cassidy

    · 10 ratings · published 2015

    Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the prettiest shoes of all? Antonia Vitali's on the run and in hiding, working as a salesclerk in a designer outlet mall in Jersey. Toni's life has been on a steady downward decline for three years now, the ghosts of her past always nipping at her heels... more

  • Bearly Accidental (Accidentals #12)

    Bearly Accidental (Accidentals #12)

    Dakota Cassidy

    · 10 ratings · published 2016

    My, what a big cave you have! At the request of their friend Antonia ( Accidentally Ever After ), Wanda, Marty and Nina find themselves trekking up a snowy mountainside, in search of Toni's brother. Wanted by the mob, Cormac Vitali is hiding out in the Colorado Wilderness, where the ladies from OOPS finally catch up to him...freshly tranq'd by a bounty hunter... more

  • How Nina Got Her Fang Back (Accidentals #13)

    How Nina Got Her Fang Back (Accidentals #13)

    Dakota Cassidy

    · 6 ratings · published 2016

    It’s been a while since Nina Statleon—ex-coffin lover, current chicken wing lover—lost her vampire mojo during a particularly brutal OOPS case. Her friends Wanda and Marty are worried. Nina clearly hasn’t dealt with the emotional fallout caused by losing one’s immortality. She’s got issues. Big issues. And it’s time to call in the Big Gun—Paranormal Psychologist January Malone... more

  • The Accidental Familiar (Accidentals #14)

    The Accidental Familiar (Accidentals #14)

    Dakota Cassidy

    · 6 ratings · published 2016

    When the warlock's away, the familiar will play! A Halloween party gone wrong will keep the OOPs crew putting out one fire after anothert. Join them this Halloween for a ghoulishly, magic-filled tale!. The Accidental Familiar, Book 14 of the Accidentally Paranormal series by USA Today bestselling romantic comedy author Dakota Cassidy is a laugh-out-loud addition to your Halloween reading list... more

  • Accidentaly Divine (Accidentals #20)

    Accidentaly Divine (Accidentals #20)

    Dakota Cassidy

    · 1 ratings · published 2021

    Heaven ain’t missin’ this angel…At a fateful New Year’s Eve party, Georgina Maverick, a little bit drunk, a lot mired in guilt from her tortured past, trips and falls off a rooftop, tumbling ten stories to her almost death.Little does George know, her friend and co-worker, Dexter Bridger, the man she discovers also happens to be her guardian angel, is on the case... more

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