Lost Colony Series by Jayne Ann Krentz, Amanda Glass

4.01 · 56 ratings
  • Sweet Starfire (Lost Colony #1)

    Sweet Starfire (Lost Colony #1)

    Jayne Ann Krentz

    · 15 ratings · published 1994

    Beautiful Cidra, raised amid a serene, spiritual race, is unprepared for Teague, the rugged adventurer from another race, the Wolves. Side by side on a dangerous quest, they battle both human and alien dangers--and find that their passion holds more danger than they know.

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  • Crystal Flame (Lost Colony #2)

    Crystal Flame (Lost Colony #2)

    Jayne Ann Krentz

    · 17 ratings · published 1994

    The last survivor of a proud heritage, coolly sensual Kalena embarks on a daring mission to avenge her family. A soldier called the Fire Whip is commanded to tame her, but instead he becomes the only lover to melt her frozen heart. Their love, born of fire and ice, must shatter the darkness that threatens their world.

  • Shield's Lady (Lost Colony #3)

    Shield's Lady (Lost Colony #3)

    Amanda Glass, Jayne Ann Krentz

    · 18 ratings · published 1989

    Sarianna was a cool, confident businesswoman, an outcast from the East determined to regain her rightful status. Gryph was an intense mercenary respected and feared throughout the opulent cities and savage frontiers of the West. But from the moment they met, fate made them one. Was it their destiny to be bound to a force that both captivated and frightened them?

  • Sweet Starfire and Crystal Flame (Lost Colony #1-2)

    Sweet Starfire and Crystal Flame (Lost Colony #1-2)

    Jayne Ann Krentz

    · 6 ratings · published 2002

    SWEET STARFIRE: Cidra, a fire-haired beauty raised amid the shelter of a spiritual race, really belongs to a race of wolves. Teague Severance, a ruggedly handsome adventurer, is also a wolf and used to taking the woman he wants. Now, Severance will awaken Cidra's untamed and passionate heritage-and a dark desire she has never known before. CRYSTAL FIRE: Kalena is the last survivor of a proud heritage... more

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