The Boyfriend Chronicles Series by River Jaymes

4.06 · 65 ratings
  • The Backup Boyfriend (The Boyfriend Chronicles #1)

    The Backup Boyfriend (The Boyfriend Chronicles #1)

    River Jaymes

    · 31 ratings · published 2014

    Professionally, Dr. Alec Johnson has almost reached his goals. As this year’s recipient of a humanitarian award with his ex, Dr. Tyler Hall, Alec’s work with the homeless is about to be recognized. Unfortunately, his personal life sucks because now he has to attend several events alongside Tyler—with his ex’s new boyfriend in tow. In an attempt to lift his mood and break out of his rut, Alec purchases a motorcycle he has no idea how to start. Dylan Booth doesn't have time for Dr... more

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  • The Boyfriend Mandate (The Boyfriend Chronicles #2)

    The Boyfriend Mandate (The Boyfriend Chronicles #2)

    River Jaymes

    · 19 ratings · published 2014

    Stuntman and two-time cancer survivor Memphis Haines excels at beating the odds. When he’s presented with the opportunity to help his ex-boyfriend with a charity event, he jumps at the chance to make up for the devastating way he left Tyler ten years ago. Memphis might have taken the college geek’s virginity, but the former mathelete is now a hell of a head turner. And Dr. Tyler Hall’s cool reserve is a challenge Memphis can’t resist... more

  • The Boyfriend Makeover (The Boyfriend Chronicles #3)

    The Boyfriend Makeover (The Boyfriend Chronicles #3)

    River Jaymes

    · 15 ratings · published 2016

    Noah Tanner loves life and the gay men who live it. Bisexuals rock too. Questioning? Even better. One-offs come and go like dates on a calendar, but his friends and his calling never do. He’s spent years raising money for San Francisco’s homeless in honor of the boyfriend who died. Ensuring the success of his upscale charity event is currently job one. He’s closing in on his goal, but the deliciously scruffy, oh-so-sexy Bachelor Bid contestant, Dr. Kyland Davis, is proving far too distracting... more

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