Webmage Series by Kelly McCullough

4.01 · 60 ratings
  • WebMage (Webmage #1)

    WebMage (Webmage #1)

    Kelly McCullough

    · 14 ratings · published 2006

    Ravirn is not your average computer geek. A child of the Fates—literally—he’s a hacker extraordinaire who can zero in on the fatal flaw in any program. Now that twenty-first-century magic has gone digital that makes him a very talented sorcerer. But a world of problems is about to be downloaded on Ravirn—who’s just trying to pass his college midterms... more

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  • Cybermancy (Webmage #2)

    Cybermancy (Webmage #2)

    Kelly McCullough

    · 12 ratings · published 2007

    To save his girlfriend's webgoblin, Ravirn-a sorcerer with a shape-changing laptop-must brave Hell itself. Can he do it without corrupting the magical Internet-and without facing the Lord of the Dead himself?

  • Codespell (Webmage #3)

    Codespell (Webmage #3)

    Kelly McCullough

    · 12 ratings · published 2008

    The universe needs a reboot... In the twenty-first century magic has gone digital, and Ravirn, a direct descendant of one of the three Fates, is a talented sorcerer and computer hacker extraordinaire. So when Necessity, the sentient computer that runs the universe, catches a virus that crashes most of the magical Internet, Ravirn is tasked with fixing it. Whoever repairs Necessity will, for that moment, run the universe... more

  • MythOS (Webmage #4)

    MythOS (Webmage #4)

    Kelly McCullough

    · 12 ratings · published 2009

    In the 21st century, magic has advanced with the times and gone digital. But when Ravirn-a computer savvy sorcerer-is thrown into a parallel world where magic runs on a different operating system, he'll need mad skills to get out alive.

  • Spellcrash (Webmage #5)

    Spellcrash (Webmage #5)

    Kelly McCullough

    · 10 ratings · published 2010

    Ravirn is the best hacker around. But when the system controlling the multiverse needs a massive reboot, Ravirn must utilize all of his skills as a mage and prevent complete chaos-even if it costs him his life.

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