Damned and Cursed Series by Glenn Bullion

4.10 · 36 ratings
  • Demonspawn (Damned and Cursed #1)

    Demonspawn (Damned and Cursed #1)

    Glenn Bullion

    · 14 ratings · published 2012

    My name's Alex. I used to think I was normal. I have a job, an apartment, good friends. I have a sister I adore, and the most beautiful woman in the world happens to be my best friend. I see ghosts. So what, right? It's on television all the time. All kinds of people see ghosts. But seeing ghosts turns into seeing demons. Seeing demons turns into walking through walls. It only keeps getting better. It just so happens I'm half demon, the only one of my kind... more

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  • A Witch to Live (Damned and Cursed #2)

    A Witch to Live (Damned and Cursed #2)

    Glenn Bullion

    · 12 ratings · published 2012

    Kevin always had one ability that set him apart from everyone else. Healing. He healed his classmate Rachel when they were six years old, even though it almost exposed him. He lost his parents after starting high school. Now a senior, he struggles to stay out of his sister’s way as she takes care of both of them. He sleeps on the couch in their one-bedroom apartment and walks to school. His sister is the only person he calls a friend... more

  • Demon's Doorway (Damned and Cursed #4)

    Demon's Doorway (Damned and Cursed #4)

    Glenn Bullion

    · 10 ratings · published 2013

    Alex has a good life. Being a unique half demon, he’s used his powers to conquer feral vampires, the darkness inside him, and help ghosts in need. But there’s one more challenge that will be his strongest. Marrying Cindy, the love of his life. Jack has been cursed by a witch’s magic for two hundred years. Unable to sleep, unable to die, his only hope for peace lies with young Kevin, a pure witch. Kevin has his own problems. Controlling the forces of magic is only the beginning... more

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