Tiger and Del Series by Jennifer Roberson, Jim Burns

4.02 · 102 ratings
  • Sword-Dancer (Tiger and Del #1)

    Sword-Dancer (Tiger and Del #1)

    Jennifer Roberson

    · 18 ratings · published 1986

    SOUTHRON BLADE SKILL, NORTHERN SWORD MAGIC... He was Tiger, born of the desert winds, raised as a slave and winning his freedom by weaving a special kind of magic with a warrior's skill. Now he was an almost legendary sword-dancer, ready to take on any challenge--if the price was right...or the woman pretty enough. She was Del, born of ice and storm, trained by the greatest of Northern sword masters... more

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  • Sword-Singer (Tiger and Del #2)

    Sword-Singer (Tiger and Del #2)

    Jennifer Roberson

    · 16 ratings · published 1988

    THE PLACE OF SWORDS-- It was here that Del and Tiger--she among the greatest of Northern sword masters, he a Southron warrior of legendary skills--must make their way to free Del from the life curse under which she traveled. For this was where she had slain her own sword master long before to blood her magical blade with the kind of power she needed to avenge the cruel destruction of her family... more

  • Sword-Maker (Tiger and Del #3)

    Sword-Maker (Tiger and Del #3)

    Jennifer Roberson

    · 16 ratings · published 2006

    SWORD-SWORN to track down the hounds of hoolies, yet inescapably haunted by his memories of Del, Tiger, now master of Northern and Southron sword skills, is relentlessly following the trail which will lead him to Ysaa-den. Yet before him wait perils far deadlier than any hounds. For in Ysaa-den he is hailed as a champion come to stop the force which has been wreaking destruction upon the villagers, a force which many claim is a dragon of unimaginable strength... more

  • Sword-Breaker (Tiger and Del #4)

    Sword-Breaker (Tiger and Del #4)

    Jennifer Roberson

    · 16 ratings · published 2006

    Accused of murdering a man the Southern tribes believe to be their messiah, but who is actually the slayer of Del's family, Tiger and Del flee across the deadly Punja desert, hunted by religious zealots and sword-dancer assassins. But evading death by assassins' blades is only one of the challenges they face... more

  • Sword-Born (Tiger and Del #5)

    Sword-Born (Tiger and Del #5)

    Jennifer Roberson, Jim Burns

    · 14 ratings · published 1999

    TIGER Left as an infant to die in the desert, and enslaved by the Southron tribe who found him, he had won his freedom and his name by slaying a deadly sandtiger. Now he was a legendary sword-dancer--possibly the best in the South. But his true origins were still unknown. DEL Born in the frozen North, she had seen her family brutally murdered and her youngest brother carried away to be sold into slavery... more

  • Sword-Sworn (Tiger and Del #6)

    Sword-Sworn (Tiger and Del #6)

    Jennifer Roberson

    · 14 ratings · published 2003

    Now in paperback-the sixth and final volume in Jennifer Roberson's acclaimed Sword saga, featuring the macho Tiger and the beautiful but dangerous Del...

  • Sword-Bound (Tiger and Del #7)

    Sword-Bound (Tiger and Del #7)

    Jennifer Roberson

    · 8 ratings · published 2014

    For the first time in years, life seems settled for Tiger and Del. They run a school for sword-dancers in the South. They're raising a two-year-old daughter. They collect income from their interest in a thriving cantina. Occasionally Tiger must dance against sword-dancers bent on killing him for forsaking the oaths and vows of the circle, but for the most part it's an idyllic life. Until Tiger's twenty-five-year-old son accuses him of being "domesticated... more

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