Triple M Series by C.M. Stunich

3.94 · 54 ratings
  • Losing Me, Finding You (Triple M #1)

    Losing Me, Finding You (Triple M #1)

    C.M. Stunich

    · 18 ratings · published 2013

    Twenty-one year old Amy Cross's idea of a hot Saturday night is curling up with her favorite book boyfriend and secretly sneaking a bottle of her mother's wine. That is, until she meets Austin Sparks, the biker boy with a past that burns like fire and a gaze she can't look away from. Without knowing what she's doing or why she's doing it, Amy ends up on the road with Austin traveling from one city to another while learning things she's only ever read about in romance novels... more

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  • Loving Me, Trusting You (Triple M #2)

    Loving Me, Trusting You (Triple M #2)

    C.M. Stunich

    · 14 ratings · published 2013

    The Triple M Motorcycle Gang has a new president in Austin Sparks, the bad boy biker that swept Amy Cross off her feet. And nobody's happier about that than Gaine Kelley. Now that his best friend has finally found the woman of his dreams, Gaine's free to go after Mireya. But what if she isn't ready yet? What if the demons from her past howl so loud she can't hear him calling? Mireya Sawyer isn't ready for love. Not yet. Maybe not ever... more

  • Needing Me, Wanting You (Triple M #3)

    Needing Me, Wanting You (Triple M #3)

    C.M. Stunich

    · 12 ratings · published 2014

    Beck Evans keeps the Triple M Motorcycle Club running. He's a badass Southern biker boy with a mean right hook and a crooked smile. As an ex-military man with a checkered past, Beck's seen it all. The only thing in his opinion that's worth living for is the club, even if they're on hard times. Beck would give his life to see his brothers live happily ever fucking after. But as far as his life goes, a new lady every night and a bike that runs are all Beck needs... more

  • Craving Me, Desiring You (Triple M #4)

    Craving Me, Desiring You (Triple M #4)

    C.M. Stunich

    · 10 ratings · published 2014

    'Craving Me, Desiring You', ('Triple M' MC Series, Book #4) a New Adult/Biker/Contemporary Romance Erotica Novel Recommended for Ages 18 and Up (Book #1, 'Losing Me, Finding You' & Book #2, 'Loving Me, Trusting You' are available now!) Austin and Amy have had a whirlwind romance – sexy biker boy meets innocent Southern girl. But relationships grow and change, and the true test of love is seeing if it can roll with the punches... more

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