Lone Star Burn Series by Ruth Cardello

4.07 · 68 ratings
  • Taken, Not Spurred (Lone Star Burn #1)

    Taken, Not Spurred (Lone Star Burn #1)

    Ruth Cardello

    · 16 ratings · published 2014

    Would-be writer Sarah Dery has just turned twenty-five and feels like her life is on hold. She’s done squat with her English degree and is just killing time working for her parents. So, when the opportunity to spend the summer working on a ranch in Texas comes her way, she jumps at the chance—figuring it might be just the jolt she needs to get her creative juices flowing... more

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  • Gentling the Cowboy (Lone Star Burn #1)

    Gentling the Cowboy (Lone Star Burn #1)

    Ruth Cardello

    · 16 ratings · published 2013

    From New Times and USA Today Bestselling Author, Ruth Cardello, comes Book One of the Texan Nights Series, Gentling the Cowboy. Tony Carlton knows trouble when he sees it—especially when it comes in the form of a gorgeous, innocent and very naked blond stranger dancing in his shower. When circumstances force his uninvited guest to spend the night, Tony decides that there are some home invasions he could get used to... more

  • Tycoon Takedown (Lone Star Burn #2)

    Tycoon Takedown (Lone Star Burn #2)

    Ruth Cardello

    · 14 ratings · published 2015

    Melanie Hanna has finally worked up the courage to travel to New York and tell an old flame that he’s the father of her young son. She’s done hiding and apologizing for her one impulsive night. When her best friend asks her brother to watch over Melanie, her emotional trip takes an unexpected and sizzling detour. Charles Dery is at the top of his game, but all he can think about is bedding the woman he was asked to protect... more

  • Taken Home (Lone Star Burn #3)

    Taken Home (Lone Star Burn #3)

    Ruth Cardello

    · 12 ratings · published 2016

    Playboy Mason Thorne is nothing short of complicated. Though he was a movie star at a young age, his life took a downward spiral when he turned to drugs after losing his mother. He cleaned up his act and became a senator but still keeps his distance from most everyone—including his own father. There are plenty of women around, but most are gone by morning. Twenty-five-year-old Chelle Landon thinks she must be the last virgin in Texas... more

  • Taking Charge (Lone Star Burn #4)

    Taking Charge (Lone Star Burn #4)

    Ruth Cardello

    · 10 ratings · published 2016

    Lucy Albright never wanted her family’s Texas ranch, but now it’s in foreclosure. She’s already lost so much she can’t bear the thought of losing one more thing. Lucy learned the hard way not to accept help from a man when there are strings attached, so she’ll do whatever it takes to save the ranch on her own terms—even if that means launching an online business marketing high-¬tech sex toys. Ranch manager David Harmon has a reputation for being a cowboy with a heart of gold... more

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