That Girl Series by H.J. Bellus

4.06 · 44 ratings
  • That Girl (That Girl #1)

    That Girl (That Girl #1)

    H.J. Bellus

    · 20 ratings · published 2014

    This book is about That Girl... The girl who leaves behind her past, including her name; runs away from home and vows to never let another identity claim her again. Broken dreams, an abusive step-dad and ugly memories from her childhood are the only shattered remnants that have the ability to haunt her... more

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  • The Game (That Girl #2)

    The Game (That Girl #2)

    H.J. Bellus

    · 12 ratings · published 2014

    Born to shine. Groomed to dominate. Levi Wilks is destined only to be a champion… Number one on the field, in the record books, and in every fans’ heart. This star QB is perfection from head to toe. Only his looks rival his talent on the field. Not one flaw to be found…that is, until he looks in the mirror… Levi sees his dad’s dreams, his mother’s demands, and lost dreams of his own... more

  • Her Soldier (That Girl #3)

    Her Soldier (That Girl #3)

    H.J. Bellus

    · 12 ratings · published 2015

    Sergeant Jeremiah Abbner died in the line of duty serving his country. Or at least that's what the newspapers said... The US Government handed him a new identity, and strict orders not to make contact with anyone from his past. As far as society was concerned Sergeant Jeremiah Abbner was dead, and buried six feet under. Not having contact with his ex-wife would be easy. She was a manipulator and a cheater. Not seeing his daughter on the other hand would devastate him.. more

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