The Seer Series by Linda Joy Singleton

4.01 · 80 ratings
  • Don't Die, Dragonfly (The Seer #1)

    Don't Die, Dragonfly (The Seer #1)

    Linda Joy Singleton

    · 16 ratings · published 2004

    After getting kicked out of school and sent to live with her grandmother, Sabine Rose is determined to become a "normal" teenage girl. She hides her psychic powers from everyone, even from her grandmother Nona, who also has "the gift." Having a job at the school newspaper and friends like Penny-Love, a popular cheerleader, have helped Sabine fit in at her new school. She has even managed to catch the eye of the adorable Josh DeMarco... more

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  • Last Dance (The Seer #2)

    Last Dance (The Seer #2)

    Linda Joy Singleton

    · 14 ratings · published 2005

    Sabine can't wait to show off her new boyfriend at the upcoming school dance, but she's also worried about her grandmother, Nona, who's suffering from a fatal hereditary illness. The only cure lies within a remedy book, lost long ago. Determined to save Nona, Sabine goes to Pine City to visit a distant relative who may have clues. But there's someone else clamoring for Sabine's attention: a fifty-year-old ghost named Chloe who's been appearing in her dreams... more

  • Witch Ball (The Seer #3)

    Witch Ball (The Seer #3)

    Linda Joy Singleton

    · 14 ratings · published 2006

    Sabine is finally starting to feel accepted at her new high school. She's friends with the popular girls and even has a cute boyfriend. But Sabine also has a dark secret-she's psychic, and was forced to leave her old school after she accurately predicted the death of a football player. Volunteering with her friends to help run the psychic booth at their school's fundraising carnival, Sabine discovers too late that the fake crystal ball she meant to bring has been mysteriously switched... more

  • Sword Play (The Seer #4)

    Sword Play (The Seer #4)

    Linda Joy Singleton

    · 14 ratings · published 2006

    "Help her," insists the spirit of Kip, the jock from her old school who died in a car accident. But his cryptic message is the last thing on Sabine's mind as she packs up to move back home. She's not happy about leaving her friends, her boyfriend, and Nona who's gravely ill, but won't dare challenge her mother's orders. Besides, Sabine's also harboring hope that she can become close to her family again... more

  • Fatal Charm (The Seer #5)

    Fatal Charm (The Seer #5)

    Linda Joy Singleton

    · 12 ratings · published 2007

    In this vivid fifth volume of The Seer series, Sabine Rose is reunited with her ill grandmother Nona and her friends at Sheridan Valley. But the excitement of curing Nona-and discovering love with someone new-doesn't outweigh the burden of her father's dark secret: a daughter no one but Sabine knows about. Riddled with curiosity, Sabine uses astral projection to spy on her half sister Jade... more

  • Magician's Muse (The Seer #6)

    Magician's Muse (The Seer #6)

    Linda Joy Singleton

    · 10 ratings · published 2010

    The Final Book in Linda Joy Singleton's Popular Paranormal Series, The Seer A whisper, too soft to swirl wispy candle smoke, carried across time, beyond life and death—and was heard. "Our bargain is sealed. My secrets will be yours-when the girl dies... more

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