Unexpected Series by Anne Leigh

3.92 · 39 ratings
  • Love Unexpected (Unexpected #1)

    Love Unexpected (Unexpected #1)

    Anne Leigh

    · 17 ratings · published 2013

    There are times, when you least expect it, where fate hands you the one person you cannot live without. Sedona Mackenzie had her life perfectly planned; down to the coffee that she drank, the curfew that she lived by, and formulas that she solved to release stress. She had everything figured out, in a neat, little timeline. Then, fate chose to intervene in the form of a chance meeting with a guy who stirs unknown emotions inside her, leaving her reeling and wanting for more... more

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  • Love Unmatched (Unexpected #2)

    Love Unmatched (Unexpected #2)

    Anne Leigh

    · 12 ratings · published 2013

    Love Unmatched Fate brought them together. Love kept them together. Life could tear them apart. 23 year-old Zander Zobowski, football wonderkid and only son of a tech giant and a well-known philanthropist, fell hard for one woman and never got back up. 21 year-old uber-planner and borderline genius, Sedona Mackenzie, carefully crafted her life to only have it turned inside-out when she met a guy who made her feel things that she's never felt before... more

  • Love Untouched (Unexpected #3)

    Love Untouched (Unexpected #3)

    Anne Leigh

    · 10 ratings · published 2013

    An athlete on the verge of greatness. A woman who hit the lowest point in her life and fought her way back to the top. Twenty four year-old Kieran Stone, the country's number 1 swimmer, has loved one woman all his life - only to have that love unreturned. He has resigned himself to the reality that when it comes to love, he will never be someone's first choice... more

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