Dempseys Series by Jennifer Crusie

3.98 · 67 ratings
  • Welcome to Temptation (Dempseys #1)

    Welcome to Temptation (Dempseys #1)

    Jennifer Crusie

    · 38 ratings · published 2010

    Sophie Dempsey is content living a quiet life filming wedding videos until an assignment brings her to Temptation, Ohio. From the moment she drive into town, she gets a bad feeling; Sophie is from the wrong side of the tracks and everything in Temptation is a little too right. And when she has a run-in with the town's unnervingly sexy mayor, Phineas Tucker, making a little movie turns out to be more than a little dangerous. Yield to oncoming desire.. more

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  • Faking It (Dempseys #2)

    Faking It (Dempseys #2)

    Jennifer Crusie

    · 33 ratings · published 2003

    LOVE AND DECEPTION HAVE A LOT IN COMMON. Meet the Goodnights, a respectable family who run a respectable art gallery-and have for generations. There's Gwen, the matriarch who likes to escape reality, Eve the oldest daughter who has a slight identity problem (she has two), Nadine, the granddaughter who's ready to follow in the family footsteps as soon as she can find a set that isn't leading off a cliff... more

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