The Troy Game Series by Sara Douglass

3.98 · 58 ratings
  • Hades' Daughter (The Troy Game #1)

    Hades' Daughter (The Troy Game #1)

    Sara Douglass

    · 16 ratings · published 2003

    Created by gods. Destroyed by revenge. Reborn in the darkest magic of all. THE TROY GAME. The ancient Aegean sorcery lives on. Theseus bested the Minotaur with the aid of Ariadne, Mistress of the Labyrinth. So when Theseus betrays her, Ariadne turns her wrath upon him and all his world, the catastrophe strikes the Mediterranean. Thera explodes, Atlantis sinks below the waves, poisons fill the air, tidal waves inundate nations, entire peoples are destroyed... more

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  • Gods' Concubine (The Troy Game #2)

    Gods' Concubine (The Troy Game #2)

    Sara Douglass

    · 14 ratings · published 2004

    From ancient Greece they came, remnants of the glorious Trojans. Led by Brutus, Kingman, holder of the bands of gold that wield the very magic of the Gods, these travelers are bowed but not broken, and they have come to Albion to begin anew. A vision of beauty called them to create a new Troy, and when they landed on the shores of the land that became Britain, they found an old magic that was fading... more

  • Darkwitch Rising (The Troy Game #3)

    Darkwitch Rising (The Troy Game #3)

    Sara Douglass

    · 14 ratings · published 2005

    Darkwitch Rising is the third title in Sara Douglass's compelling Troy Game series, a riveting historical fantasy series of love and revenge set against the very fabric of time itself. Britian. An ancient land. Most think they know its history. But few suspect and fewer still know the truth. For back in the mists of time came Brutus, last of the Trojan kings, who was armed with the knowledge of how to construct a magical Labyrinth that could rival the might of the gods... more

  • Druid's Sword (The Troy Game #4)

    Druid's Sword (The Troy Game #4)

    Sara Douglass

    · 14 ratings · published 2007

    World War II London: The Blitz has all Londoners in its grip and people struggle to survive amidst the terror and chaos of constant bombardment.   But is it just Hitler's Luftwaffe that is responsible for all the death and destruction that the city is facing? Brutus, the Greek Kingman who brought the bands of power to the isle of Alba millennia ago, once again walks the streets of London, this time as an American major... more

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