Brilliant Darkness Series by A.G. Henley

4.03 · 36 ratings
  • The Scourge (Brilliant Darkness #1)

    The Scourge (Brilliant Darkness #1)

    A.G. Henley

    · 16 ratings · published 2012

    Seventeen-year-old Groundling, Fennel, is Sightless. She's never been able to see her lush forest home, but she knows its secrets. She knows how the shadows shift when she passes under a canopy of trees. She knows how to hide in the cool, damp caves when the Scourge comes. She knows how devious and arrogant the Groundlings' tree-dwelling neighbors, the Lofties, can be. And she's always known this day would come—the day she faces the Scourge alone... more

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  • The Keeper (Brilliant Darkness #1.5)

    The Keeper (Brilliant Darkness #1.5)

    A.G. Henley

    · 8 ratings · published 2013

    Peree knows what he’s doing as the new Keeper of the Water Bearer, Fennel. He knows Fennel’s Sightless. He knows that means the Scourge can’t hurt her while she gathers fresh water for her people. He knows how to wield his bow and arrow to take out the revolting flesh-eaters when they swarm around her. He’ll motivate her, distract her, do anything he can to keep her working. And most important, he'll make sure his people get every drop of their share of the water she collects... more

  • The Defiance (Brilliant Darkness #2)

    The Defiance (Brilliant Darkness #2)

    A.G. Henley

    · 12 ratings · published 2014

    It hasn't been long since Fennel, a Sightless Groundling, and Peree, her Lofty Keeper, fell in love and learned the truth: the Scourge, and their world, are not what they seem. Fenn and Peree are determined to guide their people to the protected village of Koolkuna, but first they must convince them that everything they believe is a lie... more

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