Silver Metal Lover Series by Tanith Lee

3.86 · 26 ratings
  • The Silver Metal Lover (Silver Metal Lover #1)

    The Silver Metal Lover (Silver Metal Lover #1)

    Tanith Lee

    · 16 ratings · published 1999

    Jane is a 16-year-old misfit living in an asteroid-altered Earth of the future. Like most girls her age, true love and real happiness seem forever beyond her. Until she meets Silver. He's a robot, yes, but he looks human. To Jane, he's everything she has ever dreamed of. But those who created Silver realize that they have created not just artificial humans, but a race of gods whose very existence could threaten human history. And every last one of them must be destroyed.

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  • Metallic Love (Silver Metal Lover #2)

    Metallic Love (Silver Metal Lover #2)

    Tanith Lee

    · 10 ratings · published 2005

    In her now-classic tale The Silver Metal Lover , award-winning author Tanith Lee told the spellbinding story of Jane and her forbidden love for a robot named Silver. In this stunning follow-up, the legend of their tragic romance lives on. But nothing is as it was–or as it seems.… As an orphan growing up in the slums, Loren read her clandestine copy of Jane’s Story over and over, relishing every word. But Loren is no Jane... more

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