Paradox Series by Rachel Bach

3.96 · 60 ratings
  • Fortune's Pawn (Paradox #1)

    Fortune's Pawn (Paradox #1)

    Rachel Bach

    · 24 ratings · published 2013

    When professional mercenary Deviana Morris took the security guard job aboard the Glorious Fool, all she wanted was a fast route into the Devastators --- the elite league of armored fighters entrusted with the most important duty on her home planet of Paradox. But this security job isn't just twelve-hour patrols, armor-polishing, and whiskey. The supposedly-cursed Captain Caldswell keeps sending Devi and her partner into unimaginably dangerous situations... more

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  • Honor's Knight (Paradox #2)

    Honor's Knight (Paradox #2)

    Rachel Bach

    · 18 ratings · published 2014

    The rollicking sequel to Fortune's Pawn -- an action packed science fiction novel. Devi Morris has a lot of problems. And not the fun, easy-to-shoot kind either. After a mysterious attack left her short several memories and one partner, she's determined to keep her head down, do her job, and get on with her life. But even though Devi's not actually looking for it -- trouble keeps finding her... more

  • Heaven's Queen (Paradox #3)

    Heaven's Queen (Paradox #3)

    Rachel Bach

    · 18 ratings · published 2014

    From the moment she took a job on Captain Caldswell's doomed ship, Devi Morris' life has been one disaster after another: government conspiracies, two alien races out for her blood, an incurable virus that's eating her alive. Now, with the captain missing and everyone -- even her own government -- determined to hunt her down, things are going from bad to impossible... more

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