Medieval Series Series by Elizabeth Lowell

4.01 · 55 ratings
  • Untamed (Medieval Series #1)

    Untamed (Medieval Series #1)

    Elizabeth Lowell

    · 21 ratings · published 1993

    A hero of the crusades, Dominic le Sabre has returned to Scotland in glory and triumph to claim his reward: the beautiful Saxon bride awarded to him as conqueror king. But Lady Margaret of Blackthorne cannot yield to the bold Norman invader. The beloved daughter of a sacred tribe of Celtic mystics, she fears an ancient curse that could bring further turmoil to her battle-scarred land...and sorrow to her marriage bed. With a word, the lady could turn her wedding into war... more

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  • Forbidden (Medieval Series #2)

    Forbidden (Medieval Series #2)

    Elizabeth Lowell

    · 17 ratings · published 1993

    FOREWARNED Throughout the Disputed Lands she is called Amber the Untouched --- a chaste, golden-haired beauty fleeing the remarkable love that was prophesied at her birth ... and the death that must inevitably follow. FORESEEN He comes to her in darkness, as had been foretold --- a wounded warrior with no memory ... a promised lover seared by passion's fire, irresistibly drawn to the innocent enchantress who divines truth with a touch... more

  • Enchanted (Medieval Series #3)

    Enchanted (Medieval Series #3)

    Elizabeth Lowell

    · 17 ratings · published 2009

    Simon the loyal has vowed never to love, for love makes a warrior weak. His arranged marriage to a beautiful Norman heiress would be duty and no more. But more than duty stirs his blood when he first sees Ariane. She has known only coldness from men and a betrayal so deep it all but killed her soul. Wanting no man, trusting no man, speaking only through the sad songs she draws from her harp, Ariane comes to Simon an unwilling bride... more

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