Falling Stars Series by Sadie Grubor, Monica Black, BETA Babes

4.13 · 48 ratings
  • Falling Stars (Falling Stars #1)

    Falling Stars (Falling Stars #1)

    Sadie Grubor

    · 20 ratings · published 2012

    "The haunting pools of dark chocolate drew me in and made my skin crackle. She was beautiful, breathtakingly so. before this moment, I don't think I truly realized just how beautiful she is. A new ache formed in my chest." Christopher Mason, front man of the band The Forgotten. He's hot, he's famous and everything a famous rock star can be. But despite his fame and bad boy look, inside he battles demons. Demons so powerful they may destroy him. All hope seems lost. Slowly, his star is falling... more

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  • Stellar Evolution (Falling Stars #1.5)

    Stellar Evolution (Falling Stars #1.5)

    Sadie Grubor

    · 12 ratings · published 2012

    In Falling Stars, you were introduced to The Forgotten and Hush (Hushed Mentality), their lives written for the world to read. In this follow up novella, find out what happens after the tours have ended. Who can persevere under the pressure of love in the public eye? Who will fall apart? And who will become almost unrecognizable? Some stars last for an eternity, some stars fade, and others evolve. ** Not a stand alone. To fully enjoy this novella, I suggest you first read Falling Stars... more

  • Stellar Collision (Falling Stars #2.5)

    Stellar Collision (Falling Stars #2.5)

    Sadie Grubor, Monica Black, BETA Babes

    · 4 ratings · published 2015

    Christopher Mason got more than he dared to believe he deserved; the perfect woman, a love deeper than the emotional scars he carries, and a family. But in true Chris fashion, the greedy asshole wants more. He won't settle for anything less than a legally binding, last name changing event. One that can't take place soon enough... more

  • Snare (Falling Stars #3)

    Snare (Falling Stars #3)

    Sadie Grubor

    · 6 ratings · published 2016

    Liza's cousin Sidra Campbell lives by a hump-him-and-dump-him rule. No love, no messy emotional strings, means no chance of losing control – again. Unfortunately for her, two men aren't making it easy. One invokes the haunting nightmare of a past she's fought hard to be a survivor and not a victim. And another so tempting, so persuasive, she reinforces the wall around her heart and dons her mask to keep the behemoth out. Xavier Stone has suffered loss after loss... more

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