Rescues Series by Linda Howard

3.97 · 76 ratings
  • Midnight Rainbow (Rescues #1)

    Midnight Rainbow (Rescues #1)

    Linda Howard

    · 18 ratings · published 2010

    Two timeless tales of romantic suspense from award-winning New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Linda Howard…Midnight RainbowWas Jane Hamilton Greer just a wealthy socialite in over her head or was she really engaged in espionage that could compromise U.S. interests for years to come? The only certainty was that she was being held captive, and special agent Grant Sullivan was the man to rescue her. Finding her was easy; getting her out was something else... more

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  • Diamond Bay (Rescues #2)

    Diamond Bay (Rescues #2)

    Linda Howard

    · 17 ratings · published 2010

    Rachel Jones wasn't looking for trouble, much less a man, but in Kell Sabin she found both. On a hot summer's night Kell is washed up - barely alive - on a Florida beach and into Rachel's life. Her instincts tell her to help him, and their love blossoms as he recovers from his injuries. But by falling in love with Kell, Rachel has put her own life in danger from the forces that want him dead. Once fate has brought them together, can they learn to live apart?

  • Heartbreaker (Rescues #3)

    Heartbreaker (Rescues #3)

    Linda Howard

    · 22 ratings · published 2014

    Michelle Cabot has inherited her father's Florida cattle ranch -- and a mountain of debt. To make matters worse, a huge chunk of that debt is owed to the neighboring rancher, her nemesis John Rafferty. Nothing shocks Rafferty more than discovering that the spoiled, pampered rich girl he once despised is painstakingly trying to run the Cabot ranch herself, working the land with desperation the only thing she has left. He likes this new Michelle and decides to make her his woman... more

  • White Lies (Rescues #4)

    White Lies (Rescues #4)

    Linda Howard

    · 19 ratings · published 2012

    When Jay Granger's ex-husband is seriously hurt in an accident, she is asked to confirm his identity at the hospital. But the man before her is almost unrecognizable from his injuries. Tentatively she identifies him as Steve Crossfield, the man she was once married to. When he awakens from his coma, Steve cannot remember anything of their life together. Is this the man Jay once loved intensely, or is she attracted to a complete stranger?

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