Wesley Mackey Series by K.L. Fogg

4.11 · 34 ratings
  • Serpent Tide (Wesley Mackey #1)

    Serpent Tide (Wesley Mackey #1)

    K.L. Fogg

    · 14 ratings · published 2006

    Wesley Vandergrift wonders why he isn't like the other boys in his coastal South Carolina town. It's not easy being the son of an eccentric billionaire mother. His life consists of big secrets in a big mansion and only one friend. Overprotected and insulated from the rest of the world, Wesley yearns for the kind of exciting outdoor adventures he sees on "The Snake Stalker"-his favorite TV program, starring the charming Jack Mackey... more

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  • Widow's Revenge (Wesley Mackey #2)

    Widow's Revenge (Wesley Mackey #2)

    K.L. Fogg

    · 10 ratings · published 2007

    A sequel to Serpent Tide . You would think that having a famous adventurer for a dad would make your life a little easier. But for Wesley Mackey, his father's fame seems to only make he eighth grader a giant target. The school bully's torments never end. So, in a flash of inspiration, or perhaps desperation, Wesley courageously takes matters into his own hands -and promptly gets kicked out of school. Then things really spiral out of control... more

  • Diamondback Cave (Wesley Mackey #3)

    Diamondback Cave (Wesley Mackey #3)

    K.L. Fogg

    · 10 ratings · published 2008

    Imogene Vandergrift wants out of jail. And she'll say or do just about anything to make sure she can recover the millions in diamonds she has hidden away. Television reality-adventure star Jack Mackey wants nothing to do with Imogene—especially after what she has already put his son Wesley through. Jack has assured Wes that the evil woman who pretended for years to be his mother will remain behind bars. But that was before Alex Harris mysteriously disappeared. Now the rules have changed... more

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