Doctrine of Labyrinths Series by Sarah Monette

3.90 · 56 ratings
  • Melusine (Doctrine of Labyrinths #1)

    Melusine (Doctrine of Labyrinths #1)

    Sarah Monette

    · 16 ratings · published 2006

    Mélusine — a city of secrets and lies, pleasure and pain, magic and corruption — and destinies lost and found. Felix Harrowgate is a dashing, highly respected wizard. But his aristocratic peers don't know his dark past — how his abusive former master enslaved him, body and soul, and trained him to pass as a nobleman. Within the walls of the Mirador — Melusine's citadel of power and wizardry — Felix believed he was safe. He was wrong... more

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  • The Virtu (Doctrine of Labyrinths #2)

    The Virtu (Doctrine of Labyrinths #2)

    Sarah Monette

    · 14 ratings · published 2007

    Felix Harrowgate was a dashing and powerful wizard until his former master wrenched Felix’s magic from him and used it to shatter the Virtu—the orb that is the keystone for the protection and magic of the wizards of the city. Felix has painfully clawed his way back to sanity, and his only chance to reclaim the life he once knew is to repair the seemingly irreparable—to restore the Virtu... more

  • The Mirador (Doctrine of Labyrinths #3)

    The Mirador (Doctrine of Labyrinths #3)

    Sarah Monette

    · 14 ratings · published 2007

    The dashing wizard Felix Harrowgate has reclaimed his sanity, magic, and position in society. But even as he returns to his former place in the Mirador-the citadel of power and wizardry-there are many who desire his end. Mildmay the Fox is an ex-assassin, a cat-burglar, and Felix's half-brother. Tied to Felix by blood and magic, Mildmay goes where Felix goes-even into the Mirador. There, Mildmay finds himself drawn to an alluring spy of the Bastion, a rival school of wizards... more

  • Corambis (Doctrine of Labyrinths #4)

    Corambis (Doctrine of Labyrinths #4)

    Sarah Monette

    · 12 ratings · published 2009

    The spellbinding conclusion to the brilliant fantasy series by the author of The Mirador and Mélusine. Exiled from Mélusine for the crime of heresy, the once powerful Cabaline wizard Felix Harrowgate and his half-brother Mildmay, former cat-burglar and assassin, journey to Corambis to face judgment from a ruling body of wizards. Corambis, however, is a land plagued by civil strife... more

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