Winsor Series by T.L. Gray

4.17 · 32 ratings
  • Shattered Rose (Winsor #1)

    Shattered Rose (Winsor #1)

    T.L. Gray

    · 14 ratings · published 2013

    “For any girl who has struggled to love herself.” –T.L. Gray Avery Nichols knows how to wear the mask. Perfect student, perfect daughter and perfect friend. Nobody would ever guess that inside, Avery is a prisoner to her own self loathing. Then she meets him…and everything changes. Handsome, charming and self assured, Jake Matthew sweeps Avery off her feet in an effortless fashion. Avery knows that Jake is everything she needs and all she has ever wanted... more

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  • Shackled Lily (Winsor #2)

    Shackled Lily (Winsor #2)

    T.L. Gray

    · 10 ratings · published 2013

    She vowed never to love… One would hardly see a three-story mansion, unlimited bank account, and high-end clothes as a prison. But to Kaitlyn “Issy” Summers, her family’s opulence only represents pain, betrayal and fear. To deal with her heartbreaking past, Issy finds multiply ways to self-destruct and harden her heart from ever being hurt again. He vowed to make her his… Grant Forester wouldn’t give up on the woman he has loved for years... more

  • Splintered Oak (Winsor #3)

    Splintered Oak (Winsor #3)

    T.L. Gray

    · 8 ratings · published 2013

    Alternate cover edition for B00HCIDE6U A Broken Man... Jake Matthews understands loss. In just one year, he lost his mother, his first love, his career and now his cousin and best friend. Desperate to find some sense of peace, Jake falls into an agreement that could destroy what's left of his floundering life. A Transformed Woman... Naomi Bennett spent the last year finding herself... more

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