Fallen Angels Series by Mary Jo Putney

3.98 · 121 ratings
  • Thunder and Roses (Fallen Angels #1)

    Thunder and Roses (Fallen Angels #1)

    Mary Jo Putney

    · 18 ratings · published 2013

    To save her village in Wales, desperate Clare Morgan, a quiet schoolteacher, approaches Nicholas Davies--the Demon Earl--to help her. Once a notorious rake, Nicholas was left alone and embittered by a shattering betrayal. Unwilling to involve himself in the problems of others, he sets an impossible price on his aid: Clare must live with him for three months, letting the world think the worst.

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  • Thunder & Roses (Fallen Angels #1)

    Thunder & Roses (Fallen Angels #1)

    Mary Jo Putney

    · 16 ratings · published 2013

    A Dangerous Bargain “They called him the Demon Earl. They said he could do anything.” Son of a rogue and a gypsy, Nicolas Davies was a notorious rake until a shattering betrayal left him alone and embittered in the Welsh countryside. Desperation drives quiet schoolmistress Clare Morgan to ask the Demon Earl to help save her village... more

  • Petals in the Storm (Fallen Angels #2)

    Petals in the Storm (Fallen Angels #2)

    Mary Jo Putney

    · 12 ratings · published 1993

    REISSUE of THE CONTROVERSIAL COUNTESS A cool master of sensuality, Rafe Whitbourne, Duke of Candover, earned his rakish reputation in the silken boudoirs of England's aristocracy, never giving away his hand or his heart. Then a vital mission for a friend takes him to Paris to work with Countess Magda Janos, "the most beautiful spy in Europe... more

  • Dancing on the Wind (Fallen Angels #3)

    Dancing on the Wind (Fallen Angels #3)

    Mary Jo Putney

    · 12 ratings · published 2003

    Like his nickname, Lucifer, Lord Strathmore is know for unearthly beauty and diabolical cleverness. A tragic past has driven Lucien to use his formidable talents to protect his country from hidden enemies. It’s a job he does superbly well—until he meets a mysterious woman whose skill at deception is the equal of his own. By turns glamorous and subdued, his enchanting adversary baffles his mind even as she dazzles his senses... more

  • The Rogue and the Runaway (Fallen Angels #4)

    The Rogue and the Runaway (Fallen Angels #4)

    Mary Jo Putney

    · 12 ratings · published 1990

    The unusual heroine, Maxie, is half Native American and doesn't fit in too well with her British relatives at their country home and comes to suspect that her uncle is hiding something about her father's death. She decides to go to her other aunt in London and sets out on foot from the country estate. Robin, a retired spy, is restless on his brother's estate and not over distressing events in France... more

  • Angel Rogue (Fallen Angels #4)

    Angel Rogue (Fallen Angels #4)

    Mary Jo Putney

    · 13 ratings · published 1995

    THE ROGUE A master spy with the face of a fallen angel and a darkly heroic past, Lord Robert Andreville, returns to his ancestral home in Yorkshire after a dozen harrowing years spying against Napoleon. But nothing soothes his ravaged spirit until a determined young beauty sweeps into his life... more

  • Shattered Rainbows (Fallen Angels #5)

    Shattered Rainbows (Fallen Angels #5)

    Mary Jo Putney

    · 12 ratings · published 2004

    Honed by danger and haunted by the past, Lord Michael Kenyon finds it easy to risk his life for his country's sake. But in the shadow of war, he faces a far more dangerous threat—the loss of his heart to the beautiful battlefield nurse who saves his life yet can never be his. Called a saint for her virtue and selfless courage, only Catherine Melbourne knows the tragic flaw at the core of her life... more

  • River of Fire (Fallen Angels #6)

    River of Fire (Fallen Angels #6)

    Mary Jo Putney

    · 10 ratings · published 1996

    He was known as the Demon Warrior. As rebel, soldier, hero, and spy, Kenneth Wilding has never known defeat, until he returns from the Napoleonic wars to an empty title and a ravaged estate. Then a stranger offers a devil's bargain: financial salvation in return for Kenneth's special subversive skills. Reluctantly, Kenneth enters the household of England's greatest artist to unmask a terrible crime... more

  • One Perfect Rose (Fallen Angels #7)

    One Perfect Rose (Fallen Angels #7)

    Mary Jo Putney

    · 16 ratings · published 2010

    Stephen Kenyon, Duke of Ashburton, has always taken the duties of his rank seriously—until shocking news sends him running from his isolating world of wealth and privilege to roam the countryside as an ordinary man. When he meets the lovely Rosalind Jordan, a foundling who has grown into an enchanting, compassionate woman, she stirs the deepest desires of his heart... more

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