Alien Abduction Series by Eve Langlais

3.85 · 108 ratings
  • Accidental Abduction (Alien Abduction #1)

    Accidental Abduction (Alien Abduction #1)

    Eve Langlais

    · 29 ratings · published 2011

    Abducted by a space pirate, she fights the temptation to let him plunder her goods. A boyfriend’s attempted murder leaves Megan floundering in the ocean. Sinking without hope, the bright light she sees in the night sky isn’t her doorway to heaven, but rather the beginning of her accidental abduction by a space pirate. While thankful of his rescue, Megan stays true to form and just can’t keep her mouth shut, even when he keeps threatening to kill her--or auction her off to the highest bidder... more

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  • Intentional Abduction (Alien Abduction #2)

    Intentional Abduction (Alien Abduction #2)

    Eve Langlais

    · 20 ratings · published 2011

    Aylia is on a quest to get pregnant, and in the time-honored tradition of her people, she must kidnap a suitable male for the task. Seducing the reluctant warrior is harder than she expected, especially when her body turns traitor and melts at his touch. When he flips the situation around and takes her prisoner, he doesn’t just steal her body. He also takes her heart. And she might just have to kill him to get it back... more

  • Dual Abduction (Alien Abduction #3)

    Dual Abduction (Alien Abduction #3)

    Eve Langlais

    · 16 ratings · published 2012

    They both wanted her. The question was, could they share her? Abducted by alien slavers, along with her group of teenage misfits, Louisa doesn’t think her week can get any stranger until two big purple warriors arrive to the rescue—and then fight over who gets to keep her. Not interested in a winner, she clobbers them, but when they regain consciousness, they’re even more determined to claim her... more

  • Mercenary Abduction (Alien Abduction #4)

    Mercenary Abduction (Alien Abduction #4)

    Eve Langlais

    · 13 ratings · published 2013

    All this mercenary wants is to kill and loot his way to fame and fortune, but his plans change when a human accidentally steals his heart. Makl is looking to become the greatest mercenary the universe has known. In true family tradition, he leaves a trail of mayhem and bodies wherever he goes. steals the most priceless of items, ravishes females left and right. But that all ends the day he comes across the biggest prize of all – a human barbarian... more

  • Heroic Abduction (Alien Abduction #5)

    Heroic Abduction (Alien Abduction #5)

    Eve Langlais

    · 11 ratings · published 2014

    He’ll do anything to be her knight in purple armor. Bucking family tradition, Dyre is determined to become his planet’s first hero, even if it breaks his mother’s heart. He sets out on numerous quests to save the universe, however his altruism never seems to turn out quite as expected. Who knew doing the right thing was so hard? In between saving those who don’t want his help—and the chaos that follows—he rescues a damsel in distress... more

  • Holiday Abduction (Alien Abduction #6)

    Holiday Abduction (Alien Abduction #6)

    Eve Langlais

    · 10 ratings · published 2014

    Vhyl is determined to acquire a certain lost artifact, but when he lands on the forbidden barbarian planet known as Earth, he finds more than expected. An attractive human female is in possession of the priceless object, and she’s agreed to hand it over—for a price. Apparently she doesn’t know of his reputation…or doesn’t care. Intrigued by her fearless nature—and her luscious cocoa skin—this acquisition expert can’t resist stealing a kiss... more

  • Reverse Abduction (Alien Abduction #8)

    Reverse Abduction (Alien Abduction #8)

    Eve Langlais

    · 6 ratings · published 2018

    Ready for a new, hilarious purple romp where the roles have been switched? It’s not fair that only males get to go out and pillage the universe. Being born a female automatically means staying home and birthing the next generation of warriors.
 Azteriya has other plans.
 She has a dream of traveling the galaxy and exploring strange new worlds. Fighting fierce foes. Of clubbing a viable male to bring home to her mother so that her transgression is forgiven... more

  • Mate Abduction (Alien Abduction #9)

    Mate Abduction (Alien Abduction #9)

    Eve Langlais

    · 3 ratings · published 2020

    Sometimes love comes with a tail. Clarabelle might have been kidnapped from Earth years ago but she never forgot her roots. Her restlessness leads to her embarking on a quest to find a human colony. Instead, she encounters an alien dude, Thyos, who insists she’s his mate.Ha. As if she’s going to settle down.Clarabelle isn’t about to take orders from anyone. Not even the alien hottie who has a disturbing tendency of shifting into a giant lizardman... more

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