Doucet Series by Tami Hoag

3.88 · 60 ratings
  • The Restless Heart (Doucet #1)

    The Restless Heart (Doucet #1)

    Tami Hoag

    · 6 ratings · published 2007

    From #1 New York Times bestselling author Tami Hoag comes a special edition featuring two of her romantic classics in one irresistible volume. This unforgettable pair of novels is sure to excite the lover and thrill the romantic in every reader.TempestuousAlexandra Gianni had come to Briarwood with her infant daughter, Isabella, to start over. Determined to rebuild her life and the ramshackle farm she’d purchased with the last of her money, Alex had one goal: independence... more

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  • Lucky's Lady (Doucet #2)

    Lucky's Lady (Doucet #2)

    Tami Hoag

    · 18 ratings · published 2003

    A story of a psychologist Serena Sheridan, who has come back to the small Louisiana town where she'd been raised --- and where her grandfather has suddenly gone missing. Successful, ambitious, beautiful, Serena always found the darker world of the bayous far less predictable --- and far more treacherous --- than the life she'd chosen. And for help, she must turn to a man as mysterious and dangerous as the backcountry itself: Lucky Doucet... more

  • Cry Wolf (Doucet #3)

    Cry Wolf (Doucet #3)

    Tami Hoag

    · 18 ratings · published 2011

    In the rural parishes of Louisiana's French Triangle, young women are disappearing one by one, only to turn up on the banks of the bayou, strangled and cast aside where they are sure to be found. But there is one trophy the killer prizes above all others, one woman who must be silenced forever . . . Attorney Laurel Chandler did not come back to Bayou Breaux to seek justice. That once-burning obsession had destroyed her credibility, her career, her marriage - and nearly her sanity... more

  • A Thin Dark Line (Doucet #4)

    A Thin Dark Line (Doucet #4)

    Tami Hoag

    · 18 ratings · published 2014

    Terror stalks the streets of Bayou Breaux, Louisiana. A suspected murderer is free on a technicality, and the cop accused of planting evidence against him is ordered off the case. But Detective Nick Fourcade refuses to walk away. He’s stepped over the line before. This case threatens to push him over the edge. He’s not the only one. Deputy Annie Broussard found the woman’s mutilated body. She still hears the phantom echoes of dying screams. She wants justice... more

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