Ashbury/Brookfield Series by Jaclyn Moriarty

3.90 · 84 ratings
  • Feeling Sorry for Celia (Ashbury/Brookfield #1)

    Feeling Sorry for Celia (Ashbury/Brookfield #1)

    Jaclyn Moriarty

    · 22 ratings · published 2002

    A #1 Bestseller in Australia and Book Sense 76 Pick Life is pretty complicated for Elizabeth Clarry. Her best friend Celia keeps disappearing, her absent father suddenly reappears, and her communication with her mother consists entirely of wacky notes left on the fridge. On top of everything else, because her English teacher wants to rekindle the "Joy of the Envelope," a Complete and Utter Stranger knows more about Elizabeth than anyone else... more

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  • The Year of Secret Assignments (Ashbury/Brookfield #2)

    The Year of Secret Assignments (Ashbury/Brookfield #2)

    Jaclyn Moriarty

    · 29 ratings · published 2005

    The Barnes & Noble Review Three Aussie girls become pen pals with three guys at another school in this delightful, high-spirited read by Feeling Sorry for Celia author Jaclyn Moriarty. Told entirely through letters, diary entries, emails, and other writing, Moriarty's novel introduces us to Emily, Lydia, and Cassie -- all students at Ashbury High -- who begin writing to their Brookfield High counterparts through the schools' organized pen pal project... more

  • The Murder of Bindy Mackenzie (Ashbury/Brookfield #3)

    The Murder of Bindy Mackenzie (Ashbury/Brookfield #3)

    Jaclyn Moriarty

    · 19 ratings · published 2008

    Bindy Mackenzie believes herself to be the smartest, kindest girl at Ashbury High. Unfortunately, she is alone in that belief. To prove her likeability, Bindy decides to document her life in transcripts, essays, and e-mails. What this reveals is a girl who's funny, passionate, hilariously self-righteous...and in danger. Someone wants to kill Bindy Mackenzie. The clues are in the documents. The detectives are the very students who hate her most. And time is running out... more

  • The Ghosts of Ashbury High (Ashbury/Brookfield #4)

    The Ghosts of Ashbury High (Ashbury/Brookfield #4)

    Jaclyn Moriarty

    · 14 ratings · published 2012

    Bestselling author Jaclyn Moriarty returns to Ashbury High for a story of romance, mysterious new classmates, and the terrors of making it through your final year of high school. This is the story of Amelia and Riley, bad kids from bad Brookfield High who have transferred to Ashbury High for their final year. They've been in love since they were fourteen, they go out dancing every night, and sleep through school all day. And Ashbury can't get enough of them... more

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