Peregrine Series by Jude Deveraux

3.76 · 42 ratings
  • The Taming (Peregrine #1)

    The Taming (Peregrine #1)

    Jude Deveraux

    Rated: 3.71 of 5 stars
    · Steam rating: 3 of 5
    · 24 ratings · published 2007

    England's most valiant knights paid court to wealthy Liana Neville, but only the infamous warrior Rogan Peregrine made no secret of his powerful desires. His very caress melted Liana into liquid fire, and she vowed to capture this manificent, wild man. Boldly the delicate beauty gave him her hand -- and Britain's richest dower. Yet he was bound to a bitter feud: for love betrayed, brothers killed, and ancestral land usurped. In Rogan's war-ravaged castle, Liana would lay her tender seige.. more

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  • The Conquest (Peregrine #2)

    The Conquest (Peregrine #2)

    Jude Deveraux

    Rated: 3.83 of 5 stars
    · Steam rating: 3 of 5
    · 18 ratings · published 1991

    Lovely Zared Peregrine was the pride of her family, a treasure her rough-hewn brothers would strive at any cost to protect from their ancient enemies, the Howards. The Peregrines had suffered loss enough. Thus Zared's brothers trained her in the arts of war, and dressed her in boy's clothing. Beyond the castle walls, none knew that the youngest Peregrine was a girl... more

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