Raven Series by J.L. Weil

4.20 · 26 ratings
  • Black Crow (Raven #2)

    Black Crow (Raven #2)

    J.L. Weil

    · 14 ratings · published 2016

    I’VE LOST SO MUCH. FAMILY. MY HOME. PRIDE. MY IDENTITY. And I couldn’t help but feel it’s entirely my fault. There is no one else to blame. I’ve quickly learned that being the White Raven isn’t easy. The dead are restless and angry, and I don’t know the first thing about being a banshee. Those around me will get hurt. To keep them safe, I must endure painful decisions. Zane Hunter, the ultra-bad boy who stole my heart, is one of those difficult decisions... more

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  • Soul Symmetry (Raven #3)

    Soul Symmetry (Raven #3)

    J.L. Weil

    · 12 ratings · published 2016

    If you love the bite of Twilight, the emotion of Mortal Instruments, and the soul of the Iron Fey, you'll fall in love with the Raven series. A BANSHEE. A DEATH REAPER. LOVE TRANSCENDING. War is coming. The veil between the living and the dead no longer exists. Evil is running rampant and the universe’s symmetry balances on my fingertips. No big deal. Of course, nobody knows how or when the hallows will strike, or who among us is a traitor... more

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